Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrapping Panic

In the middle of the night, Mrs. Snark wakes up in a cold sweat and sits up, gasping for air. "Presents! Unwrapped presents out to get me!"

Mr. Snark turns over. "Whaa?"

"Presents were chasing me! Grasping scissors and tape! Out to get me!"

"I take it you haven't finished wrapping yet?" Mr. Snark asked.

"I have a hundred things to wrap and less than four days left! That's twenty five boxes a day! It's not humanly possible!"

Mr. Snark has a Masters in Math, and thus can count. "Christmas is five days away."

"Yeah, but we're spending Christmas Eve at your brother's house, which eliminates a wrapping day," Mrs. Snark said, climbing out of the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"To wrap!"


  1. Yeah, Ryan has a dual masters in math too... and he can always count as good as your Mr. Snark. I get it. That made me snort. I don't wrap gifts until Christmas Eve. It's like a tradition with me or something. I sit on the bed Christmas Eve and kill my back and wrap everything so when the kids wake up in the morning, they come down to a tree that had no presents that suddenly has all the pretty presents. It prevents the animals from opening said presents before time (yes, they do this) and it perpetuates that Santa is real--even now.

    My kids are 25 and 18 now, and they both still live with me... it's going to be a fun Christmas this year! I put all their presents in plain brown boxes, and I'm thinking of letting them wrap them themselves! LOL

    Glad you got away from the killer pressies!

    Love and stuff,

    1. Michy, I've done a little of that. I gave my boys some presents to wrap but not their own stuff. I do put some stuff under the tree (usually from grandparents and other relatives). The rest I wrap early and hide in my closest. (Like they'd never guess it's in there, right? ;-)

      Sounds fun! Have a Merry Christmas!