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Paths to Publishing: Vicki Batman || BUG STUFF...AND OTHER STORIES

Path to Publishing by Vicki Batman

I blame Susan. (Yes, she knows and gleefully takes credit where credit is due.)

Once upon a time... Several girlfriends and I were on a getaway. When our merriment had died on the way home, Susan suggested we play her version of car games—basically, she asked nonsensical questions, and her captive audience answered. For example: pick one-Tom Jones or Englebert Humperdink? I went with EH because he seemed more romantic. The others picked Tom because he was wilder.

Then she asked us to write the opening paragraph to a book using the word window. I panicked because she knew how I had toyed with the idea of writing. At the moment, the words did not come to me. So she left me off the hook and said, "Email something later."

Two days had passed when I sat down to fulfill my promise. My fingers began to fly. I kept returning and returning to the doc. After eight chapters, I got brave and gave it to Susan. She read what I'd written and said to keep going.

I knew if I wanted to continue and make something of my work, I needed help. I turned to RWA and my local chapter. There, I made friends like me! I submitted to contests, one of which asked why I was writing?!!! (That had my crying for two days. After that, I put on my big girl panties and thought "no one is going to define me!") I submitted to agents. I subbed to editors. And finally through critiquing for a friend, I discovered writing short fiction. 

I've written twenty-seven short fiction pieces, essays, and three books. This year, my first book, Temporarily Employed, the one I showed my friend will be published. What a glorious ride!

Title: Bug Stuff…and other stories
Publisher: Vicki Batman
Date Published: 02 04 14
Genre: Contemporary romantic comedy
Word Count: 2,512


Three short and sweet romantic comedies by sassy writer gal includes: "Just Desserts": a political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her handsome seat-mate. "Bug Stuff": A cute accountant unites with his co-worker to fight a pesky adversary. "With This Ring": When a wife forgets her little black dress, all turns into something utterly romantic and unforgettable in the end.

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Author Bio:

Like some of her characters, award-winning author, Vicki Batman has worked a wide variety of jobs including lifeguard, ride attendant at an amusement park; a hardware store, department store, book store, antique store clerk; administrative assistant in an international real estate firm; and a general “do anything gal” at a financial services firm--the list is endless.

Writing for several years, she has completed three manuscripts, written essays, and sold many short stories to TRUE LOVE, TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE CONFESSIONS, NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING, LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, MUSEITUP PUBLISHING, and THE WILD ROSE PRESS. She is a member of RWA and several writing groups and chapters. In 2004, she joined DARA and has served in many capacities, including 2009 President. DARA awarded her the Robin Teer Memorial Service Award in 2010.
Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking "What if??"

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Cythis Eden's BURN FOR ME

Burn For Me
Phoenix Fire Series, Book One
Release Date: January 28, 2014
Publisher: Kensington Brava
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 0758284047 / 9780758284044

Under Fire
Eve Bradley was undercover looking for a story, not a cause. But something about the man they called Subject Thirteen got her involved. The scientists said he was a devil, and they had a decent case: Terrifying power. A bad attitude. And looks that could lead anyone to sin. . .

Cain O’Connor knows the minute he catches her candy scent that Eve could drive him wild. But she’s a threat–in a way no one has been for him in years. She’s safer away from him, too. But with a powerful conspiracy determined to shut Eve up for good, there’s no time to argue. All they can do is trust their instincts–and their hearts. . .

USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden has written over twenty-five novels and novellas. She was named as a 2013 RITA® finalist for her paranormal romance, ANGEL IN CHAINS, and, in 2011, Cynthia Eden was a RITA finalist for her romantic suspense, DEADLY FEAR.

Cynthia is a southern girl who loves horror movies, chocolate, and happy endings.  She has always wanted to write (don’t most authors say that?), and particularly enjoys creating stories about monsters–vampires, werewolves, and even the real-life monsters that populate her romantic suspense stories.
Cynthia’s foreign sales for her books include translations to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.

(Back in the day…) Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology (because people interest her) and Communication (because she likes to write about said people).  Cynthia has worked as a college admissions counselor, a teacher, and as an editor. But now, Cynthia is thrilled to be spending her days making up stories.

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Book Review: SIZZLE by Darcy Lundeen

Betsy Kincaid has no sexual sizzle.

At least that’s what her boyfriend claimed before he dumped her.

Determined to prove him wrong, Betsy puts learning to sizzle at the top of her to-do list. And who better to provide the lessons she needs than the safe and oh-so- willing gay guy who just moved in with her gay buddy?

Matt Pollard has had his share of disastrous relationships, so when the chance comes to help a foxy lady develop her sexual mojo while also enjoying some no-strings-attached bedroom action, he’s happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for when romantic emotions threaten to complicate their simple arrangement.

Then Betsy discovers Matt isn’t gay. Her sense of betrayal at being misled is matched by his resentment at being blamed for an innocent mistake. But their anger could cost them the thing they both want most: a chance at true love.

Review by Melissa Snark:

SIZZLE is a an impossibly cute mainstream contemporary romance with more than a little comedic twist thrown in to good effect. At first, I started off thinking the novel would be erotica but there is a good deal more emphasis on character development and story than sex. (Although those were plenty hot. No complaints.)

I hate recapping blurbs, so I won't. I do feel compelled to mention that SIZZLE meets all of the criteria necessary to be produced as a romantic comedy. Sassy, ditzy heroine? Check. Gay best friend? Check.  Hunky, off-beat hero? Check. Cue a series of ridiculous misunderstandings and a bit of excessive obtuseness and you have next summer's hit romantic comedy in the making.

I liked both Betsy and Matt a great deal. They shared great chemistry and they were pretty consistently nice to each other, which is something I often feel is missing in romances. I was rooting from them right from the start and the HEA ending punched all the right buttons.

I loved secondary characters, especially Rob, but also the little crayon graffiti artist. The subplot involving the homeowner's association bully drove me up the wall because my approach to dealing with people like Mrs. Lattimer tends to be blunter than the heroine's.  I wanted Betsy to stand up to the bully sooner but ultimately she does so (as the product of character growth no less). In the end, she offers up a win-win solution for everyone.

If I have a grumble, it's that the heroine's clueless nature strains credibility at times. However, sacrifices must be made for the sake of laughs and laugh I did. I especially loved the "lessons", although it seemed like the obvious one was missing.

SIZZLE is a recommended read for anyone looking for a sexy romance guaranteed to make you grin. Recommended.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Available for purchase:

Author Bio: 

I’ve been a writer and researcher for more years than I like to recall and in that time I’ve worked on topics as diverse as multiple sclerosis and the Soviet Union (when there still was a Soviet Union). In my free time, I enjoy visiting the Ancient Egyptian and Etruscan exhibits in museums, taking long walks, and concocting stories about everyday people who laugh a lot, cry a little, and ultimately find the happily-ever-after they deserve. My debut novel, Finding You Again, was published by The Wild Rose Press in January 2012, and my second book, Sizzle, was published by Secret Cravings Publishing in June 2013. I can usually be found at the following sites: