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Book Review: CAPTIVATED by Ashlynn Monroe || #Giveaway #Scifi #Romance

Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance

 Will Franny choose to live or just to survive?

Hardship, pain, and strife describes life on Utopia, a mining colony far from Earth. Women are a rare commodity. When an alien trade ship arrives with a cargo containing a human woman, every man on Utopia shows up to bid. Three friends pool their funds in the hope they'll have a human woman in their beds to keep them warm on the long nights of the coming harsh winter.

Francesca Dehart suffered the terror of aliens abducting her from a country road. The horror of being kidnapped and then sold as a sex slave is beyond anything Franny has ever imagined. With no hope of being rescued she finds herself with a new definition of hell—Utopia.

Can Cade, Nebraska, and Dawson show Franny her new life is more than a prison? They need her, but will she stay with them or run at the first opportunity? Can they hold onto the woman they've grown to love and protect her from the others who will stop at nothing to have her?

Content Warning: graphic sexual content and multiple partners

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The reality of the danger put Franny's relationship with these men in an entirely different light. She needed them to want to keep her, to fall in love with her. Her protection demanded she seduce them, all of them. Franny felt sick. She wasn't into mind games, but she didn't want them tossing her out into the fray when they tired of her. Love was the only thing that could keep her from that fate.

If she resisted, eventually they'd decide to recoup the investment. It was common sense. Playing mind reader was dangerous, but these men weren't under the same social and moral constraints as the men of Earth. She saw the lust, and it was time to make a decision.

Franny put her hand on top of Dawson's and watched his eyes widen just a little before he glanced at the door and glared more fiercely. She could almost feel the barbaric change in him. He was going to keep the inquirers from becoming rapists with all of his might. Somewhere in her brain, in the primal part she thought she was too good for, she liked knowing he'd protect her.

Cade put his hand on the doorknob. "I'm goin' to count to three before I shoot. One…you still out there? Two."

"Fine, Cade. We're going, but if you change your mind, the offer stands. When you get sick of her, we'll pay good money for a turn."

"Do I have to say three?" Cade asked. There was no mistaking the anger in his tone.

There was a long pause. Cade gave Dawson a look, and then he opened the door a crack, sticking the riffle barrel outside. He looked out before he shut the massive slab and replaced the heavy bar again. Cade visibly sagged with relief. "They're gone," he said.

Franny relaxed, but she wasn't sure how long her security would last.

When there was another knock at the door, Cade's posture said he was ready to fight. "Who's there?"

"I'm back," Nebraska said.

Cade opened the door and Nebraska came inside. Cade went over to the stove. He stirred something that she assumed was the stew. She'd never seen a real woodstove in action before, and watched him with fascination. He grabbed a pan and added a little water. Nebraska went over to a small cupboard and took out bowls and wooden spoons. He looked fresh. His hair was damp, and he was wearing clean clothes.

Watching the males in this domestic setting, she could almost forget they'd bought her as if she wasn't a person. The room grew overly warm. She suspected they'd normally have had the shutters open, if not the door too. After the visitation, she understood why they didn't open everything up, but that didn't make it any cooler.

Cade took the antique basin from where he'd put it on the floor and poured the water in. He came over to her, holding the large, ornate porcelain bowl and a dingy rag. She flinched as he started wiping at her face, but then forced herself to hold still. She'd forgotten her head hurt until he disturbed the wound. His large hands awkwardly cleansed her face. His mouth was set and his eyes gazed at her with an intensity and focus that seemed to define this man.

He wasn't like any of the men back on Earth. He looked at her in a way that made her feel raw. His eyes bore into her soul. She bit her lip to keep from asking him why he was looking at her as he did. When he finished with her face, he started to wipe at the dried blood on her shoulder.

His touch was gentle. She didn't turn away from him, instead she let him touch her and found herself enjoying it. That fleeting desire burst into flame inside of her, and for the second time since her ordeal began, she found herself liking what he was doing.

"I…Thank you," she whispered softly.

His gaze met hers and a smile slowly curved his lips. "You're welcome, darlin'."

The endearment made her stomach feel funny. She hated that she liked the deep cadence of his voice. She detested how right his use of the generic sweet talk sounded. She should be trying to escape, not sitting there wanting him to act on his claim of ownership.

Review by Melissa Snark:

I received an ARC of Captivated as part of the author's book tour, and agreed to provide an honest review.

 Captivated hooked me right away because I really love erotic science fiction. There's not nearly enough of it, especially well done stories with solid writing. I enjoyed Franny's tale a great deal. The heroine was very sympathetic and likeable. Each of the male romantic interests had a distinctive and intriguing personality. An abandoned mining colony made for a really interesting setting, and the harsh planetary climate assumed the qualities of a secondary character as the story progressed.

I enjoyed the romantic dynamic between Franny and the three men who purchase her--Cade, Nebraska and Dawson. All three men are rough, clearly a product of their environment, but decent guys underneath their hardened exteriors. Fanny develops a nuanced relationship with each one of the guys, however, I really wanted more depth. It is difficult to establish a real connection with one hero in just a hundred pages, let alone three, so there were places where I was left wanting. The sex scenes are hot, but the cover and blurb left me expecting menage but the story didn't really deliver to the extreme end of kink.

Captivated is a great, fast read for those interested in erotic science fiction between multiple partners. The story delivers a fabulous romance with a happily ever after ending for everyone. 


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~About the Author~

Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related. She spends most of her time daydreaming up her next tale of romance.

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A CAT'S TALE Available now as part of Kindle Unlimited

Just out of curiosity, I'm running an experiment with just one of my titles to see if there's an actual benefit to being in KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited. Enrolling in KDP Select forced me to raise the price to $2.99, which I found worrisome until Amazon went ahead and lowered it back down to its non-sale price of $1.99. I feel better knowing that no one is going to pay more than I'd have charged without enrollment, and I'm also planning on taking advantage of those countdown deals. I'll probably announce a sale over the Labor Day weekend.

Doing this allows those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited to borrow my book for free. So long as they read 10%, then I still earn a royalty, so it looks like a win-win. The only part I don't like is the exclusivity but the way my B&N sales have fallen off over the last few months, it's a chance I'm willing to take.

This is the first time I've experimented with KDP Select, so we shall see how it goes. Close to the end of the three month period, I'll report back with the results.

Alpha werewolf, Jared Kohl, wakes up in a vampire’s dungeon, swearing revenge upon the wily Siamese werecat who lured him there with her sultry lips and the sweetest tail. To escape his undead captor, all he has to do is seduce the skittish puss and show her that trust is often a hot and hard lesson to learn.

Enslaved feline shifter, Josephine Young, has learned the hard way not to believe in anything or anyone—not men, not love, and certainly not the blood-sucking mistress who tossed her into the cage with the hungry beast she’d betrayed. But Josephine does what she must to survive, including tempting the dominant werewolf to give her more than promises.

Imprisoned for their blood, Jared and Josephine fight for survival and discover a passion that neither can walk away from. Can these two predators survive long enough to prove that cats and dogs can be more than enemies?

Buy or borrow for free on Amazon Kindle.

Sinfully Wicked MASTERS OF SEDUCTION (Erotic Anthology) #Giveaway

Publication Date:  July 14, 2014
Format: Trade Paperback and eBook (all formats)
Authors:  Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy

Summer 2014 is going to sizzle with the launch of a sexy new series from four of the hottest authors in paranormal romance!

In the realm of the Incubi Masters, pleasure is to die for and love is the deadliest game of all . . .

Surrender to sinful pleasures and forbidden passions with Masters of Seduction, the sizzling new paranormal romance novella series from New York Times and internationally bestselling authors Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy.

This all-new, never-before-published boxed set contains the first four novellas in the Masters of Seduction series. Each book in the collection is approximately 20-25,000 words.

Merciless: House of Gravori ~ by Lara Adrian
Soulless: House of Romerac ~ by Donna Grant
Shameless: House of Vipera ~ by Laura Wright
Ruthless: House of Xanthe ~ by Alexandra Ivy

The Masters of Seduction collection releases July 14, 2014 in eBook (all formats) and trade paperback. Available for only 99 cents!

 Ruthless:  House of Xanthe by Alexandra Ivy (Excerpt):

The thread of recognition that hummed between them became a tangible bond.  Not from the mere sharing of her name, but the sizzling sexual awareness and intimate teasing that made him feel as if they were long-term lovers, not virtual strangers.

Perhaps they’d been mates in a former life, he inanely thought, surprised by how…right…she felt lying next to him.

His fingers deliberately stroked down her throat, his skin warm as he prepared to release his powers.

It was a raw, aching male need for the woman who touched him on a primeval level.

She shifted with restless need, her body arching in a silent plea even as she tried to disguise her intense reaction.

“This doesn’t mean I intend to release you,” she warned. 

“You think I’m your prisoner?”  He nibbled at her full bottom lip, his fingers continuing to tease her breast. 

His cock twitched, his balls tight.  Her skin was so soft, and the feathers beneath him… 

They pressed against him like the finest silk.

“You are.”

He chuckled.  “Before this night’s over, sweet Muriel, you’re going to be the one enslaved.”

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Three Reasons Why Authors Attend Conferences — and You Should, Too by Willa Blair || THE HEALER'S GIFT

We authors, for the most part, are introverts. In social media, where we’re protected from actually seeing another person, we discuss this tendency incessantly. But several times a year, we go against type and get together in large groups, make eye contact, smile at another person, and even…gasp!…hug. 

Why?  Because conferences do three things for us:

1.    Conferences recharge our creative batteries with expert workshops, seminars, and speakers. These educational opportunities are the main attraction for many attendees. And any of the speakers might be the muse who sparks a killer idea leading to a bestselling book.

2.    Conferences provide professional opportunities.  Besides pre-scheduled pitch appointments with agents and editors, casual interactions are fertile ground for getting someone interested in your work — even in a less-than-thirty-second elevator pitch. Where? In elevators, of course, hence the name elevator pitch. Hallways, the bar, even the ladies room. Or men’s room, for you guys out there. All it takes is for some well-meaning stranger to ask, “What do you write?” for you to have the opportunity of your career. That stranger might be an acquisitions editor for a major NY house, or the owner of a small publishing company, or someone who can lead you along the path to self-publishing. Word to the wise: always have your business cards with you!

3.    Conferences are the best place to network with the only other people on the planet who really understand you. You’re surrounded by fellow-travelers who also live with the obsessions, the ups and downs, and the crazy hours. Life-long friendships have begun at conferences, but even if you don’t leave with a new BFF, chances are you will make new friends, expand your social media circle, and possibly find writing, critique or even cross-promotion partners. Oh, and you’ll have a great time doing it, whether you go to every workshop you can possibly squeeze into your schedule or spend the entire conference hanging out in the bar. Alchohol not required.

The Romance Writers of America’s national conference starts tomorrow in San Antonio, TX. The four-day event offers lots of opportunities to interact with other authors, other industry professionals (agents, editors, publishers, librarians, etc.), and with readers at the huge Literacy book signing.  I hope to see you there.  If you’re not going this year, plan ahead for next year, or for one of many smaller regional or chapter conferences and retreats.  Consider it an investment in your career — and your sanity.  Once in a while, it’s good to get out of the writing cave!

Coira MacDugall paid with her life for her attack on the Highland Healer. But her victim did more than heal Coiras fatal wound that awful night. Now drowning in the unwelcome emotions of others, Coira wonders if her new empathic ability was meant as a gift or a curse.

Logen MacDugall must discover who killed three previous lairds if he hopes to survive for long in the position. He believes Coiras new sense can help him root out the conspirators, but after her disastrous time in the Highlands, the last thing she wants is to get involved with another laird. Logen must help Coira gain control of her talent in time to save him and their clan from those intent on destroying MacDugall.

Can Coira believe this laird truly loves her? Or will her memories lead her to madness again?

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Willa Blair’s Bio:
Willa Blair is the award-wining author of Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling Scottish historical paranormal romance and a contributor to USATodays Happy Ever After romance blog.

Her popular Highland Talents series, set in a pivotal point in Scottish history, is filled with men in kilts, psi talents, and plenty of spice. Available in ebook, print, and audiobook formats, the first three titles will soon be joined by more novels of adventure and romance.

Latest Release: The Healer’s Gift (A Highland Talents Novella, Book 1.5)