Monday, November 17, 2014

#Animation -- the future of book #cover #promotion? @FEversDesigns

This is really cool so I asked Farah Evers permission to reblog her original post located here.

A good book cover speaks for itself. That's granted. But what if you can have a unique pre-release cover reveal, or a brilliant promotional tool that represents your book in a most captivating way? FED is proud to present this new service. We can make the impossible possible by animating your cover and bringing it to life with various visual effects.

I played around with my cover to demonstrate how that might look. I must say, I really do love it. I'm afraid regular ebook covers will soon be regarded as dull when this trend takes off. Be the first to use this powerful tool to promote your book and catch your reader's interest.

Without further delay, here's an example using my very own ebook cover:

What do you think? Would you like to see your cover come to life too? Leave a comment below, let us know.


  1. While it is cool, I can't help but wonder if how the cost transfers to the price of the book or the cost of the cover to me as an author.

    1. Charlotte,
      I think it's a potential promotion tool aimed at authors who can afford it. For authors with publishers, they don't worry about the price of the book since they don't set it. An an author, I spend what I can afford and try to get the most bang for my buck or go where I think I'll reap the biggest payoff.

    2. Meant to say..."spend what I can afford on promotion"

  2. I love it and agree - this is how covers will pop on Amazon in the future - cool!

  3. I like it and think it's cool. I'm not sure how it would translate for romance "clench" covers. I would like to see it on something more traditional and see how it worked with that. But I think you're right, these covers will definitely "pop" compared to static ones.

  4. What a cool idea! You could do all sorts of things with the graphics to really make your book stand out.

  5. Hi guys, thank you all for the comments. Thank you, Melissa for the reblog.

    It is indeed a promotional tool at this point. The costs are high of course, because a simple animation with minimum effects can take up to 60-80 frames. It depends if the cover is illustrated and requires true animation or if it is a more stock based cover that only requires effects. The latter would cost less.

    I'm not sure if Amazon will ever decide to display animated covers. It might become a bit strenuous to look at in a matrix, but who knows. For now, it might be profitable for hardcore bloggers, publishers, and independent authors to invest into something like this so they can attract more readers, or at least more curiosity toward their product.

  6. I've made my own covers and I'm wondering how I can do this.