Tuesday, November 18, 2014

State of the Snarkology: November 18, 2014

I'm supposed to be taking the next few weeks off blogging with the expectation that the holidays, editing schedules, and children home on vacation will severely impact my time and stress levels. Also, The Snarkology will be moving off Blogger and onto Wordpress sometime in the next few weeks. (Fingers crossed Mr. Snark can help me.)

My new URL will be: http://www.thesnarkology.com/

Breaking from blogging is easier said than done. Not having guests is difficult. My blog feels empty if I don't have new posts up there every day. I'm not sure whether it's a habit or an addiction, but slowing down and stepping back is harder than it sounds.

There's a lot going on in my author life right now. I want to do a status post to bring my friends and readers up to speed.

1. If you haven't heard yet, I delayed the release of Battle Cry to enter it into Kindle Scout. I've got a lengthy post on it here, including an explanation about what Scout is and how it benefits both my career and my readers. I hope you'll take a moment and consider nominating Battle Cry if you haven't already. Thank you!

2. Farah Evers Designs is currently producing an audio book of A Cat's Tale voiced by Lilah Harding. I'm optimistic it will be released before Christmas. I'll do my best to obtain an audio sample to share.

3. I've completed a 30,000 word draft of Valkyrie's Vengeance, the expanded version of The Child Thief, which is currently with a couple trusted beta readers. Once editing it complete, I'd love to release it to ebook at approximately the same time Battle Cry becomes available. I have plans for an audio version to follow.

4. Mated Hearts, the working title for a sequel to The Mating Game, is my planned project for December. It will be my first attempt at a Male/Male erotica story. I'm excited to be returning to Robert Blane, Alpha of the Iron Stone Pack, so his character arc can continue to expand.

5. My plan for 2015 will include a focus on novellas. I have a number of titles that I've started and want to finish, including the Viking Love Slave trilogy, The King's Late Watch, Hell on High Heels, and at least one more novella set in my Loki's Wolves verse. If audio book production proceeds smoothly, I'd love to release audio versions of all my stories eventually.


  1. You go! All great stuff happening - good on you!

  2. Busy, busy, busy. You make me tired but inspired. Best of luck with all your projects!

    1. Alison,
      I'm a bit tired myself. Thank you for dropping by! :-)