Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stranded on a Desert Island || Spooktacular Seductions #Giveaway

You're stranded on a desert island. Name top 2 things you bring along.

Echo Shea

I suppose a working plane would be too much to take with me? Perhaps a small city? I really don't want to be stuck on a desert island, ever, but if I must: a small library and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Michelle Ziegler

 Things... can I count my husband as a thing?  I mean alone on a desert island, no kids.  Just kidding.
I would bring a survival guide and a photo of the family I'd have left behind.  This way I can live and keep my sanity as to why I am living. If I were snarky I'd simply say chocolate and wine.  Limitless supplies of possible.  I don't think the why needs anything further. 

Linda Carroll-Bradd

Wet wipes because I absolutely hate sand in the wrong places.

A satchel of romance novels because I could get lost in the imaginary world and forget my plight.

Anne Higa

1) A boat

2) A cute, intelligent, hunky, single guy who (hopefully) knows how to sail a boat.

I like to plan ahead!

Christy Thomas

The main thing I’d want is a book on Survival. I’d like one that had a ton of ‘Macgyver’ tips, like how to make fish hooks from a crab shell, and how to build a cell phone from two coconuts and a sock. 

The second thing I’d bring along would be the Monumentous, Ultimate, Deluxe, top-of-the-line Swiss Army Knife. That’s the one that has so many tools and is so complicated that it comes with an instructor 24/7 to teach you how to use it. With this bring along, I have a fork to eat my lobster tail, and a good looking instructor to show me how to build a fire with the knife.

Havva Murat

I would bring along a hammock and the largest short story anthology I could find so I'd have plenty of reading material (or the guy who plays Alcide on True Blood - could 'read' him for ages ; ) 

Lisa A. Adams

 Believe it or not, I’d take my husband. We get along fabulously and work together well. We’re both smart and I’m sure we could find a way to survive together. Of course, we’d have a lot of fun, too. Next I would probably bring a machete or something. Useful for protection, killing food, and cutting down resources to build a structure. 

Lily Carlyle

Bobbing for apples and eating chocolate. I wish I could say carving pumpkins, but mine always end up looking demented and I can’t pretend to actually enjoy scooping out all that orange, slimy goop from inside the pumpkin.

Spooktacular Seductions

Publisher:  Roane Publishing
Release Date:  October 31, 2014
Key Words:  Romance, Short Stories, Halloween, Paranormal
Bewitching Gypsy by Linda Carroll Bradd

Fiona Mikolas is an outcast, branded by her fiery red hair and a purple birth mark—both signs of the devil. Two years earlier, she survived an influenza outbreak that claimed her peddler husband, Gregos, and her baby son, Tito. Now she lives a solitary life, traveling a circuit of southern states in America and selling healing potions. Until the night of All Hallow’s Eve, when her lonely life is changed by the arrival of two strangers in her camp.
Beaten and robbed, rancher Hagan Fletcher stumbles toward the light of a campfire in south Texas, intent on finding a way to retrieve his stolen stallion. When he awakens, he’s forgotten his name and how he came to be in the company of an exotic beauty. Fiona’s ways are a mystery but when her quick-thinking saves his life again, he looks deeper beneath the surface to who she really is.

Garden of Souls by Michelle Ziegler

Something, or someone, pulled Miranda to purchase the old carriage house.  It was a great deal, most likely because of the cemetery or the unexpected resident, Thomas. The ghost she finds within the sanctuary of her new home should have scared her. Instead she finds herself falling in love with him. 
Now, a few days from Halloween, Thomas continues to push her to live her life.  He wants one night though; the one night of magic for the dead.  Torn by her love for Thomas and her need for reality and human contact, Miranda takes a chance with Sean. Someone who’s alive. The guilt is eating away at her. Sean’s nice and he hasn’t run off yet, pushed away by her craziness. Miranda knows she can’t split her herself. 
Choosing her heart’s desire doesn’t seem possible, but living and loving another seems like a life riddled with pain.

If This Be Madness by Echo Shea

Don’t let me go…
Those are words that break her. When the person you love most is gone, how do you let go?
And, more importantly, who will you be once you do?

Ghost of a Chance by Lily Carlyle

After years of having her college boyfriend Sean as an ex with benefits, Julie believes he is finally, irrevocably out of her life. Forever. And it breaks her heart.
Until one night he shows up at the neighborhood hangout—with a mysterious job, luxurious car, and fabulous digs. Not to mention a new determination to woo Julie.
Even as her mind says no, her heart—and other parts of her body—is saying yes, yes, yes!

Do You Believe in Ghosts by Anne Higa

Jeff Austin-LeGrange has been fleeing from the remnants of his dark and haunted childhood his entire life. The past always catches up to us, and his is no exception.
Alice Hopkins, Jeff's high school sweetheart, has tried to forget him and tried to move on. You never forget your first love.
When Jeff's mother dies and Alice's father falls ill, the two are forced to confront their mutual history and their deepest desires. One thing is sure: neither of their lives will ever be the same again. Perhaps, the past can be overcome. Perhaps, it is not too late to believe in miracles. Perhaps, more than one couple will be reunited this Fall.
Who can say? With a little magic, anything is possible.

Encantado by Havva Murat

Spending Friday night in an abandoned amusement park sounded like an awesome idea to motherless, teenage track star, Remy Bordeaux—empty rides with no queues, and time alone with his best friend’s alluring sister, Rafaela, was sure to make for a memorable night.
But Friday night at Six Flags became memorable for all the wrong reasons when the park turned out to not be so abandoned after all. Rafaela goes missing after getting cozy with Remy, and everyone thinks that Remy is responsible, even his best friend.
It will take another trespassing trip to Six Flags for the truth of Rafaela’s disappearance to be revealed and for the riddle of Remy’s birth to be unraveled.

Where Angels Tread by Christy Thomas

Loralei takes extreme measures to prove her cheating husband has forsaken their bows by seeking confirmation from a fortune-teller. The truth revealed is that she’s been unfaithful in a six hundred year old spiritual marriage.
Samael, the Angel of Death must assist a young girl’s soul in ascending to heaven. An unexpected encounter with his estranged wife distracts him and the precious soul is lost.
Working together to save the endangered soul, they find the price to reach her is higher than they both anticipate.

Spooky Hollow Café by Lisa A. Adams

Aggie Pierce owns a quaint little spot, the Spooky Hollow Cafe'. Tourist come from all over the nation to her confections diner for the entertainment. Real live interacting ghosts make appearances once a day, you just don't know when.
But, when a ghost's crush becomes an obsession, just how far will a hero have to go to save Aggie's life?

Group Giveaway:  $10 Amazon Gift Card & paperback copy of Spooktacular Seductions


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