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New Release: Off The Grid by Karyn Good #RomanticSuspense #Giveaway

A committed doctor to Vancouver's inner city, nothing fazes Sophie Monroe—until a pregnant teenager shows up at her clinic on Christmas Eve requesting sanctuary and claiming the baby's father is one of the city's most influential businessmen. Sophie is in over her head and thankful when aid shows up in the form of an attorney who's a little too confident and a lot too sexy. 

Family Law expert Caleb Quinn just wants a date, a chance to prove he isn't the elitist jerk Sophie assumes. Helping deliver a baby is not what he has in mind. But before long protecting a traumatized teenager and her son become his first priority. Even if saving them pits him against the baby's father, a childhood friend. A man who will do anything to keep his dark side private.

But justice never comes cheap. Will doing the right thing cost Sophie and Caleb their reputations? Or their lives?

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There’s something about November that suggests we cuddle and snuggle while sipping hot chocolate. Or wine. Whatever works for you. I’m happy to be here today chatting about my favorite genre, romantic suspense.

Deceit, danger, and desire are three D’s I never get tired of as a writer or a reader. I love how the blend of anxiety and anticipation make for memorable plots and conflicts. But the best part is how the hero and heroine find their way to each other in the midst of chaos. In romantic suspense love and hope exist within the darkest of circumstances, are intensified by it. For me, that is the appeal.

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The challenge of writing romantic suspense is pitting ruthless villains against heroes and heroines who act with honor and compassion. Whether they want to or not.  Is the line there to cross or protect? That is a question both my hero and heroine must face in my new release, Off The Grid. Set in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, infamous for being Canada’s poorest urban postal code, they must decide how far they are willing to go to save a victimized, pregnant teenager.

What happens when the protagonists are faced with a lose-lose situation? When they are faced with insurmountable odds? When they are battling time? The elements? When every step forward comes with a price?

Any antagonist or villain worth their salt is not going to simply lie down and take it.  They are key players in any romantic suspense drama. Creating a villain the hero and heroine would risk everything to stop keeps readers reading far into the night. They need to be a worthy opponent.

I love to stack the odds against the protagonist. The key is to fashion a hero and heroine with the emotional satisfying combination of strength and vulnerability. They may not be perfect but they’re real. They make mistakes. They falter. There are no straight lines to the outcome. High stakes and dilemmas tie plot and character together. They should raise questions and make the reader think. Those are the stories we remember and stick with us.

Writing any story, not just romantic suspense, is about holding nothing back and leaving it all on the page. It’s important to honor your writer instincts and see it through. To be as brave in the face of failure as the characters you’re creating.

Do you prefer big city settings and situations? Or small town danger? Maybe you enjoy international intrigue? Tell me your favorite place to live dangerously in the comment section and be entered to win an ecopy of my new release, Off The Grid.

Casual relationships weren’t her thing. Once she’d yearned for more. For the commitment other women scoffed at. Then she’d learned her lesson. It didn’t mean she didn’t crave family. She refused to ask about the woman from his office. It was none of her business. Neither was he. But renewed determination to resist him didn’t mean he wasn’t getting to her.
No soft music played. The dim lighting was courtesy of an unlit dingy hallway. The smell of antiseptic and desperation laced the air. It didn’t matter. Sophie wanted to meet his challenge. She didn’t want to dodge. Or object. She wanted to kiss the hell out of Caleb Quinn.
So she stepped back. “I can’t do this with you. I need to know I matter. That I’m the only name on your list.”
Caleb took her face in his warm hands. “Sophie, right now there is no one else but you.”
She wrapped her hands around his wrists and tugged them away. “But there’s a long line behind me and I’m choosing not to join the queue.”
“Don’t.” He refused to let go of her hands when she tried to release them, brought them up between them. “Don’t toss this aside.”
“I don’t do casual.”
“There won’t be anything casual about it.”


I grew up on a farm in the middle of Canada's breadbasket. Under the canopy of crisp blue prairie skies I read books. Lots and lots of books. One day the inevitable happened and I knew without question the time was right. What to write was never the issue - romance and the gut wrenching journey towards forever.

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