Sunday, January 5, 2014

State of the Snarkology: Writing Goals for 2014

My family suffered the loss of a beloved grandmother recently and I've grown quiet over the last couple months. I come from a line of women who externalize emotions onto other people. So I tend to get quiet when I'm going through a stressful time to avoid making others sad, angry or miserable. However, I realized recently that The Snarkology becomes more about other people than me when I internalize.

My New Year's Resolution is to get chatty again.

Like most writers, I only want to be adored.

My friends can testify that I'm quite a bit snarkier in real life than on my blog. I blunt my sarcasm for fear of alienating and/or angering readers. Humor is one of my outlets but even there I self-censor.

Last year, I visited with a fellow Rose on her blog and talked about how difficult sharing my written humor is for me for fear of being misunderstood, angering or offending. I want to make people laugh, not hurt feelings. Or worse--that secret fear of being that goofball over in the corner chortling over my own jokes.

Naturally, a commenter threw in their two cents: 
"OMG, writing humor is hard? Nobody told me. I’ve probably been doing it wrong all this time. Hold on, if it hard, then I wouldn’t be having any fun..and if I’m not having fun, how can I possibly be funny. I want a second source and an official accreditation that this source is qualified to judge funny. And it can’t me my imaginary cat. That’s who I use."

I bit clean through my tongue being polite. My real reaction went more along the lines of: SERIOUSLY? WTF! What a self-involved person. Because, YES! I was totally writing about YOU! YOU! YOU!

Thank you!
* * * *

Last week I talked about what I accomplished in 2013, so this week I'm putting down some writing goals for 2014.

1.       See THE MATING GAME published and promoted. (This one is a gimme since all the real work is done. My Wild Rose editor says we're ready to wrap up editing soon.)

2.       BATTLE CRY, book 3 in my Loki's Wolves series, is complete. The next step is to polish, obtain feedback from beta readers, polish again, editing, editing, and more editing. Publish and promote. 

>>> I said that I'd do a cover reveal to celebrate so I'm going to schedule that soon. Just need to finish pounding out a blurb to go with it.

3.       Write and submit three short erotica stories to become part of THE MATING GAME series.

4.       Complete the first draft of TRICKSTER, book 4 of my Loki's Wolves series.

5.       Finish HELL ON HIGH HEELS and submit to an agent.

This is a lot. I hope I'm not being too ambitious but I'd rather try and fail than not try and fail anyway. Wish me luck!

Happy New Years!

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  1. Your plan for 2014 may be ambitious, but I have supreme confidence in you. Go, go, go! (That's the frustrated cheerleader in me.) I burst out laughing when I read the blog commenter's comment. People never cease to amaze me, but without them, where would we get our best material?

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thank you! I don't have supreme confidence but I'll go go go and see how it goes. :D Does that make me a frustrated quarter back?

      I snickered too but I my best material still comes from my family. I can tease them without seeming like a total meanie. *G*

  2. Good luck! I admire your well thought out goals. I know you can do it and I'm sooo looking forward to that first draft of Trixter!

    1. Lisa, Thanks. You're a sweetie. And OMG--Trixter. That has to be my new nickname for the book. LOL