Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fairness Child-Style

It has been my observation that children are the great fairness actuaries of the world. I believe that if we sent children to Washington, they'd not only solve whatever fiscal precipice we are currently facing, but they'd do so in a manner well suited to the existing political culture.

Children are amazing counters.

Older Snark son: "Why do I have 200 kernels of corn on my plate when he only has 197?"
Mrs. Snark: "Because you're three years older. That's one for each year. Now be quiet and eat."

Children have uncanny memories. (Not for homework or chores but important stuff.)

Younger Snark son: "He got his first cell phone on April 5th of 2009! It's April 5th of 2012 and I don't have my own cell phone yet."
Mrs. Snark: "Yeah, he has one and he never talks to anyone. Maybe I'll just give you his."
Younger Snark son: "I could live with that."
Older Snark son: "Hey!"

Children have weird logic. 

Older Snark Son:  "You got to ride shotgun on the last car trip so it's only fair if I get to pick the movie we see."

And finally…

 Children are actually capable of making deals to work out their differences.

Younger Snark Son: "How about we go see Poketron Robot Bustout and I'll take out the garbage next week. But you have to set the table on every other night of the week and I'll watch The Baby when mom wants to run to the grocery store."
Older Snark Son: "Hmm, okay, that sounds fair. It's a deal."


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