Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Voracious Reader

Miss Bear is a precocious two-year-old who happens to be the offspring of Mr. & Mrs. Snark. Miss Bear does all the typical things that two-year-old do: she dances, cries, eats, draws on walls in permanent marker, etc.

Miss Bear is very literal.

Miss Bear loves books. Big books, small books. When a book is read to her, Miss Bear does live action role-playing and performs whatever is happening inside the story.

Miss Bear waddles like penguins.

Miss Bear flaps her wings like hummingbirds.

Recently, I read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle to Miss Bear.

For those not familiar, the very hungry caterpillar eats his way through various foods, leaving holes in the book as the story progresses. It's an adorable little book.

Miss Bear decided to emulate the hungry caterpillar. The binding of her book served as her noms.

Fortunately, the book does not appear to have tasted very good, because Miss Bear spat out the binding rather than swollowing it.

I'd include a photo of Miss Bear, but frankly, the Internet would implode due to the sheer gravity of her cuteness.


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