Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Is It...?

Why is it that heroines in romance novels tend to be sexually inexperienced, or only have had a few lovers? And when the heroine finally hooks up with the hero, he satisfies her like no one ever has before? Yet, the same is almost never the truth reversed.

Heroes tend to be sexual dynamos, Casanovas who have slept with dozens or hundreds of woman. Heroes are promiscuous, prized for their sexual prowess, admired for the number of notches on their bed post.

Just once I want to read:

Heroine: "My goodness, but you have slept with so many women. You're a slut, mister."

Hero: "Aww, baby, don't be like that. I fucked them, but I made love to you."

Heroine: "Bullshit. You're full of it."


Good news! My Free Read, "Cuffed" is in the galley stages with The Wild Rose Press. I'll post the release date as soon as it's available.


  1. I can't wait! I'll be sending people to you.

  2. Not always true. In my book The Chief's Proposal, the heroine has more experience, (but the hero is still awesome).
    Can't wait for Cuffed.

    1. Thanks and I'll check out your story. :-)