Monday, December 10, 2012

The Snark Marriage Bed

The Snark marriage bed has three zones:

Mr. Snark's zone:  The left upper corner of our queen-sized mattress.
Mrs. Snark's zone: More than half of our queen-sized mattress.
Siamese Cat zone: The left lower corner of our queen-sized mattress.

I've drawn an illustration* in order to illustrate the area of distribution.

Sleeping cat image courtesy of

 Anyone foolish enough to allow their feet to stray into Siamese Cat zone risks having toes pierced or the bottom of the foot flayed open.

Obviously, Mrs. Snark guards her territory and any intruding foot-murdering Siamese cats are swiftly given the boot. Mr. Snark, on the other hand, is a big softie. (And he has the pin cushion feet to prove it.)

Last night, Mr. Snark's voice came out of the darkness. "Rocket Squirrel won't let me turn over."

"Dear, you're lucky Rocket Squirrel is willing to let you sleep on the bed at all," Mrs. Snark replied.

*I'm a writer, not an artist!

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