Monday, December 17, 2012

Husband Needs to Put His Tools Away! Will He Learn?

Like many men, Mr. Snark owns a variety of tools, power and manual, more than he really needs. He knows how to use some of them. Others, he intends to learn.

When Mr. Snark starts a project, his first step is to go into the garage and shout: "I can't find it!"

It varies, but it is always something that Mrs. Snark locates without any difficulty.

This weekend, it was his drill battery.

From the dark depths of the garage, Mr. Snark bellowed, "I can't find my drill battery!"

Mrs. Snark stepped into the garage, looked right, looked left, and immediately located the "missing" drill battery sitting on a cabinet beside the fridge. 

"Is this it, dear?" Mrs. Snark asked, holding up the drill battery.

Unable to see the item in his wife's hands (due to his severe MPB), Mr. Snark pointed to a work bench and said, "It is supposed to be right here!"

"Maybe if you ever put away your tools, it would be right there."

Two hours later, Mrs. Snark picked the power drill up off the dining room table. "Mr. Snark, please put this away. The last time you left the drill on the dining room table, The Baby tried to drill a hole in the top."

Mr. Snark took the offending tool and mumbled promises.

An hour later, the whir of the power drill greeted Mrs. Snark's ears. Panicked, she ran into the dining room and found The Baby trying to improve the dining room table by adding holes.


Mr. Snark took his drill and slunk away, looking rather sheepish.

This morning, The Baby is grasping Mr. Snark's laptop power cable in one hand and a pair of wire cutters in the other.*

Mrs. Snark is debating whether Mr. Snark should learn his lessons the hard way. After all, she does get soooooo tired of nagging...

*No worries. It's not plugged in.

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