Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Word On Geek Cred

In the world of computer sciences and technology, old monitors are the currency of Geek Cred. Every Geek male I've ever known owns an ancient computer monitor that dates from another era, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the Iron Curtain remained tightly drawn. You can't be a real geek without one.
Mr. Snark is no different. He owns a Sony MultiScan G500 Trinitron 20" Display that weighs about 75 pounds and occupies a shelf of honor in our garage.

Sony MultiScan G500 Trinitron 20" Display

Mr. Snark has moved the monitor at least four times that I'm aware of, paying real money to have the weighty monstrosity hauled from one garage to the next. Mind you, this monitor never actually gets used.  Mr. Snark has two sleek flat-screen monitors side-by-side on his desk.

The Sony predates our relationship. Mr. Snark has been with the Sony longer than me and remains staunchly loyal to it despite the fact that the old gal was put out to pasture decades ago. In fact, if we're honest, the only reason the monitor is currently in the garage instead of the closet is at my insistence. My every attempt to get rid of it has met with resistance.

Sometimes, I feel like Mr. Snark's mistress instead of his wife. (You know, the younger, sexier model…)

"The picture quality is superior to that of an LCD," Mr. Snark says. "It's just a pain in the ass because it's so heavy and it uses a ton of power."

"It's a piece of junk," Mrs. Snark says. "We should throw it away."

"Noooo!" Mr. Snark howls. "It still works!"

Out of a sense of curiosity and to be fair, I did some online checking. The Sony was listed on one website for $44.99.  On Ebay, a similar monitor sold for $10.00 U.S currency (plus $92.61 standard shipping).

This weekend, we cleaned the garage and Mr. Snark brought the monitor back inside.

I'm starting to get worried.

Maybe I'd better get a sledgehammer and deal with this threat before I find myself sitting on a shelf in the garage.


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