Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weird Fears Part 1

Occasionally, people create their own words to name phobias that are unique to their experience.

Phobia is a Greek word. So to properly coin a new term for a phobia, the terms attached to it must also be Greek. Sometimes, a Latin word is substituted. That's wrong, but who's going to stop you?

The word of the day* is:




The Fear of Merging While Stoned

*Today's word is brought to you by Mr. Snark's friend, Jim, who was his roommate during undergraduate school. Jim eventually went on to graduate from UofA with a P.H.D. in Physics and is currently a professor at a small college in Pennsylvania.


Postscript:  Mrs. Snark is technologically incompetent and thus has been unable to figure out a blog layout that works. If a reader has the knowledge necessary to answer a few questions, Mrs. Snark would be happy to award their assistance with a free copy of both her published romance titles.


  1. Wish I could help you, but I'm 'Technophobic'.

  2. Thanks, Sandra. I'll figure it out eventually. (I did with Wordpress.) I'll probably just make a huge mess of the blog before I get it right. :-D