Monday, January 21, 2013

Status update

I don't intend to promote this post since I don't have anything particularly amusing to contribute at the moment. Overall, it was a tough weekend. Mr. Snark completed the tile modifications on Saturday. He opened the box of the new stove top only to discover that the glass surface was shattered into thousands of pieces. For me, it was so disappointing. I'd been looking forward to cooking with the new appliance.

The guy on the phone from the delivery company was not comforting at all. In fact, it was highly distressing since the delivery people had me initial "no damage" ten days ago when they dropped it off. In hindsight, it was stupid on my part not to open the box and inspect it, but I saw no damage to the box and I figured it would be okay. The CS guy was telling us that no one worked there Sunday or Monday so we wouldn't get an answer until Tuesday.

On Saturday evening, Mr. Snark and I took the cook top down to Best Buy. The appliance manager explained to me that people often drop TVs and then claim damages, which is why they have people initial no damages. I think it helped our case that the appliance was still in its original packaging.

In Best Buy's defense, they took the stove top back into their inventory and ordered us a new one. It'll take two weeks or so to come into stock and I received a lecture from the sales lady to "inspect it this time".

To which I said, "Oh, believe me, I will."


The kids got MLK day off today, but not Mr. Snark. I took the kids to lunch and how the boys are over at a friend's house. Miss Bear is napping. I've gotten a little work done on the Norse werewolf short story that is going to be my freebie giveaway set prior to Hunger Moon. Soon I shall start trolling for beta readers, attempting to lure unsuspecting good Samaritans into my net. BWAH-HA-HA...


Heard from my mom today. Her mom is in the hospital again. 50% kidney function. Heart problems. She didn't know much but it didn't sound good. I'm worried.

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