Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Elephant Ride

Miss Bear turned three this week, so we took her to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, formerly Marine World, for her birthday.  Miss Bear likes elephants quite a bit. When demonstrating an elephant call, Miss Bear holds her arm to her nose and makes a trumpeting sound while waving her "trunk" in the air.

The park had an elephant attraction, so Mr. and Mrs. Snark forked over the money necessary to rent three minutes of ride time on a lovely lady named Kitty. (And then more for the overpriced photos.)

Miss Bear & her brother on Kitty

Standing outside the attraction's fence, Mrs. Snark anxiously watched the pachyderm walk off with two of her three children. 

"Wait!" she exclaimed. "Is anyone leading that elephant?"

"There's a guy on the other side of her. You just can't see him from here," Mr. Snark said.

"Whew, can you just imagine?"

"Our child taking off with an elephant?" Mr. Snark asked. "Yes, yes, I can."

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