Monday, April 29, 2013

HO...With an "E"

Mr. Snark walked into the office and asked, "Have you ever had a hoe just stop working?"

Mind you, I heard "HO" because the "e" is silent and the man provided no context at all. Now, bear in mind that Mr. and Mrs. Snark play a video game called Minecraft. In the game, everything is constructed out of cubes. Using basic materials, you can build a variety of tools: pickaxes, hand axes, shovels. 


I looked over and stared at Mr. Snark, thinking: Is this guy for real?

There are times when Mr. Snark walks right into it. The man takes himself so seriously that he passes out carte blanche openings.

"No, I've never been a pimp, so I have no experience with hos going on strike."

Straight-faced, Mr. Snark said, "My hoe just stopped working. I can't till dirt with it so I can't plant seeds."

I got up and went into the family room and picked up the controller. The game came up so I grabbed the hoe and tilled some dirt. "It's working for me."

I planted a row of wheat. "Allow me to demonstrate.  See, it's really not that hard."

Indignant, Mr. Snark grabbed for his controller. "Give me that!"


  1. Replies
    1. It's strangely addictive. It starts out not looking like too much but the things you can build are amazing. lol