Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Author Spotlight: Bree Felling

Please tell us about yourself and your writing.

Hello! My name is Bree Felling, Poet, Spoken Word artist and author of “Before the Blooming”. I started writing poetry frequently around age 10, I had also experimented writing novels but I never ended up finishing them, I seemed to speak my mind best through poetry.  In my teens it was more of a therapy for me, a quick and easy way to write what I was feeling at exactly that time, it was a challenge to myself to describe my life at the time in the least amount of words possible. I want to be able to say the words and thoughts people are afraid to say out loud and admit them to themselves. I want someone to read my work and be able to say “This is exactly how I’m feeling right now, these are the words I’ve been trying to say”. 

I actually never had any intention of publishing any of my work. The thought had never crossed my mind, it was always more of a personal therapy session for me. Later on I suffered a bad case of writers block, but met someone who helped me get over it. I began to be able to write again, and started experimenting with ‘spoken word’ instead of poetry after I was introduced to it in college. I found an open mic café in the town beside me and decided to go one night. I decided that the next Friday I was going to begin performing my work. It was time the world knew what I had to say. Now I’m also working on my next collection of poetry, and an adult poetry book as well.

 But aside from writing I’ve always been a very creative and “fashion forward” person. I’ve always released my inner artist by messing around with crazy makeup looks, weird hair colors, colored contacts and outfits. I always thought life was too short to look the same every day. I’ve always loved pushing boundaries and re-defining normality, both in my life, and my writing.
What inspired your current book?

 I don’t think I could have found any other title better then “Before the Blooming”. I chose this title because that’s exactly what the book was for me, a printed version of the growth process that I went through in my life, and as a writer. I left the dates intact for most of the poems, it lets you know how old I was while reading, so you can literally see the growth as a person and a poet. The poetry inside was everything I dealt with between ages 10 to about 18. The loss, the depression and my thoughts; but also my happiness, my joy, and creative thinking.

Before the Blooming is a collection of seven years of poetry that truly show the experience of being alive through eight unique sections, Love, Lust, Life, Nature, Religion, Fantasy, Darkness & Death, and Etc. Before the Blooming discusses all aspects of living through the use of poetry. The good times, and the bad. Because in the end, everything, is an experience.”

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