Friday, April 26, 2013

Sky Dada

Miss Bear loves balloons. She loves balloons so much that whenever she sees one, her eyes light up and she declares, "Ba-woon!"

Mr. and Mrs. Snark buy her Mylar balloons because the latex ones blow up in Miss Bear's little face when she runs to hug them.

Miss Bear also loves Dora the Explorer.

Mr. Snark brought Miss Bear a Dora the Explorer Mylar balloon for her third birthday this week. Miss Bear attached the clip to her PJ shoulder and danced for joy, chanting, "Ba-woon!"

The next afternoon, Miss Bear came to her mother carrying a clip attached to a piece of ribbon. "Oh, oh!" she said. "Wook! Wook!"

Miss Bear grabbed Mrs. Snark's hand and led her mother into the family room. She pointed up. "Ba-woon up high!"

Mrs. Snark looked up and saw the Mylar balloon on the vaulted ceiling of the family room. 

"Ba-woon up high!" Miss Bear gestured, indicating that mom should get it down.

"I'm sorry, Miss Bear. It's too high," Mrs. Snark said. "Mama's not that tall."

Miss Bear frowned and then said, "Dada up high."

"I'm sorry, Miss Bear, but Dada isn't twenty feet tall," Mrs. Snark said.

Miss Bear waited until Mr. Snark arrived home from work anyway.  "Dada, wook!" She grabbed her father's hand and escorted him to the family room. "Ba-woon up high!"

"I'm sorry Miss Bear, but it's too high," Mr. Snark said.

Miss Bear's face crumpled. Clearly, she did not understanding that her daddy isn't twenty feet tall.

I can only imagine the disappointment of being three and discovering that your parents can't touch the sky...


  1. That was so sweet. Kids are so much fun, and they bring such humility and reality to who we are.

    1. Laura,
      Thank you. I thought so too. It's rather humbling when you realize what your child believes you're capable of.

      I need to get Miss Bear a new balloon to replace the BD balloon she lost...

  2. Melissa, your blogs always make me smile. Miss Bear and I share High Expectations...I always expect people to rise to the occasion :-) Rolynn

    1. Thanks, Rolynn. :)

      Unfortunately, the Dora balloon is still on the ceiling. However, Miss Bear did receive a replacement balloon yesterday so all is good in her world again. ;-)