Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Author Spotlight: Lisa Rayns

Lisa, please tell us about yourself and your writing.

Who am I? First of all, I’m a Dr. Pepper drinker (Some days, wine is substituted). After that, I’m a wife, a mother of four boys, and a Cancer. I fantasize about vampires and dream about zombies-ALL the time. I do. I love those dreams too. I always wake up in a great mood after. My husband thinks that’s strange. I’m not sure why. J What do I want? I want to travel. I’ve crisscrossed the U.S. but I’d like to go further and see more of the world one day.

I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and I’m thrilled to finally have works published. I started off the old fashioned way, submitting manuscripts to publishers, getting rejected, and trying again. I did that for two years until I finally got it right. When I got my first contract, I really felt like an author. Around that time, I also discovered critique partners, Indie authors, and a whole community of other writers who were willing to offer support. Then things got easier. Every day has been a learning process, but I truly enjoy the journey. Most days. On the other days, I enjoy the wine.  

What does your writing space look like?

My desk holds my laptop, printer, and a generous supply of “idea” notes. The room is bright pink because bright colors inspire me. The walls hold pictures that inspire me too. One is of a painter who always reminds me to Paint it Beautiful. The other major picture in the room is a large poster of the New York skyline at night. City lights at night have always captivated me and left me feeling mystified. And yes, inspired. J 

Do you have a process for coming up with character names and book titles?

I do. I normally have an idea of where I want to be with the name so I start a list and jot ideas down as I think of them. Within a week, it normally comes to me. 3 a.m. seems to be my lucky time of day for ideas to strike!

What inspired your current book?

Inspiration. That’s a beautiful word. Since I wrote most of this book six years ago, I’m having trouble remembering. *blush* I bet you’ve never gotten that answer before. Let’s skip that original inspiration and move on to my rewrite inspiration… “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. Yep. That, and my love for Joel.


Joel’s back.

Determined to return her sexy ex to his former vampire self, Tara Callister does what she has to do: She exposes three evil witches in order to enlist her coven’s help. Unfortunately for her, things don’t always work out as planned.

Targeted by her enemies, betrayed by her coven, she must figure out how to save herself and those she loves from the evil entwining itself in her life. But when her journey of self discovery leads her down an even darker path, will she stand behind her white witch promise or become one of them? And more importantly, are Joel’s feelings for her strong enough to survive it all?

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Quick quiz:

*  Favorite food? Lasagna

*  Favorite color? Royal blue

*  Favorite animal? Cats, the bigger the better

*  Biggest pet peeve? Waiting

*  Name one person, living or dead, you'd most like to meet. Cleopatra

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Melissa!

Lisa, thank you for being here! :)


  1. Lisa, thanks for being my guest today. :)

  2. Great interview ladies. Writing is a lovely journey, isn't it? I loathe the self-promotion, but adore every minute in the literary dream world I'm creating. It sounds as if you do, too, Lisa. Much luck to you!

    1. Vonnie,
      You handle the self-promo like a pro. I wish I had any clue as to handle all of it. :)

  3. Thank you. I do, Vonnie, and thank you Miss Snark! I find both of your works to be inspiring :)