Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Release: The Child Thief by Melissa Snark

I'm super excited to announce the release of my new urban fantasy novella, THE CHILD THIEF, available from Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. THE CHILD THIEF will be the first in my series of Norse Werewolf novels. I hope to have a release date for the sequel, HUNGER MOON, soon. 


"Help me! Please. The child thief has stolen my son."

Valkyrie Victoria Storm has werewolf hunters hell bent on revenge trying to kill her. She can barely keep her own downtrodden pack alive, let alone respond to the pleas of a murdered mother. 

Can she set aside her differences and work with her sworn enemy to save a little boy from a Christmas nightmare?


Their voices must have attracted the krampus's attention, because the devil returned on clomping hooves. Tail lashing, he paused to assess the situation and his attention centered upon Victoria's swinging cage. His red-rimmed eyes narrowed in clear annoyance. With mincing steps, he approached her and she smelled both doubt and desire on his skin.
Her eyes lit bright blue and she spoke with derision. "You're a coward," she said, sneering. "A child thief, preying on innocents. Come here and see if you can handle someone who's not afraid of you, goatboy."
The lovely, flute-like quality of the devil's voice surprised her. "Coward, I am not," he said. "It is my appointed task to punish wicked children. I am the son of the Goddess Hel, descended of Loki the Trickster."
The krampus reached for her cage and caught the sides. His hands were leathery, the backs covered in thick fur, those pointed nails clinked on the metal. He lowered his face to stare into her eyes. He had a dark aura, black at the center, tinted with dark red about the edges.
He whispered to her in that sweet falsetto. "My desire for sweet children; my usual feast. Your guilt, so delicious, beckons to me..."

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