Monday, August 11, 2014

The Generation Gap or I have no idea what the fuck he just said...

I turned into my mother today.

It started out simply enough.

My middle son said, "Mom, I want a game off Steam. I feel I earned it helping out with Miss Bear last weekend."

(I'm hip because I know what Steam is. It's itunes for video games.)

I said, "I agree you earned it. Tell me what you want and I shall present your request to Mr. Snark, Guardian of the Steam."

The boy popped a potato chip into his mouth. "No time to explain."

I sat there, expecting him to hurry off, but he ate another chip, masticating at his leisure.

"What do you mean you have no time to explain? You're standing there eating chips."

He rolled his eyes. "I want paper please."

"We have a ton of paper. We don't need to buy more. Go over there and open that drawer."

The child wandered off. 

I relayed the entire bizarre conversation to Mr. Snark. "I don't understand a thing the boy says anymore."

"I kinda want paper please too," Mr. Snark said.

"We have a ton. Get it yourself."


  1. Is this some sort of bizarre male attempt to implement the '1950s' movement? (A friend pointed out that is now a thing going on bringing back the 1950s for women. A blog post and apparently there are now bridal shower themes and other events around this.)

    Stick to your guns. I embrace Generation X. I am NOT Suzie Homemaker. ;)

    I have no clue. Males are weird and I live with three. I needed a female dog to help even out the testosterone. I have no clue what Steam is and I hope the oldest doesn't find out about it. Looking at her wallet quaking at the thought of another online video game site.

    1. Hi Beth,
      I somehow doubt it is a 50s revival as all of the males in question are younger than 50.

      I have a female cat to balance it out. And, of course, Miss Bear. *G*

  2. This was post was hilarious! And it makes me very grateful that all my children are grown and in their 30's.
    As an aside, given the name of your blog, are you going to make a big deal about this being Shark Week or have you done that already in past?

    1. Hebby,
      Thank you! And OMG, that's a brilliant idea. I shall put it on my calendar for next year! Thank you! :-)