Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Blurb Contest || FARAH EVERS DESIGNS

Earlier this week, I won a gorgeous cover by Farah Evers Designs. I've been waiting for an opportunity to show off the lovely prize. (Unfortunately, this isn't a cover reveal for an upcoming story. I still need to research and write this one. It's there in my imagination though. LOL)

The title/blurb inspired by the cover:

The King’s Late Watch
Genre: Folklore fantasy
Title: The King's Late Watch

For centuries, the cat sidhe, Seara, roamed the rolling green hills of Eire without care or concern, stealing souls for the pleasure of her Unseelie mistress, the Queen of Air and Darkness.  Until the fateful night she disrupts a monarch's late watch and steals a soul destined for the Devil.

Máel Sechnaill ruled as the ruthless High King of Ireland until his treacherous Norse enemies orchestrated his assassination. Friends and foes alike curse and swear: "May the Devil swallow him sideways."

Only the Devil must wait, because the cat has his soul.

13 years experience in the field of Graphic art & design. Scope of work includes professional website design. (Evers Hosting)
Award winning book covers.
2013 Epic Ariana Award winner for Paranormal/Fantasy genre.
Small Publishers that contract with Farah Evers Designs:
Twin Trinity Media
Random Distraction Publishing

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