Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snark Bites: Facebook has book groups who are author-friendly

During discussion with some friends, it was brought to my attention that not everyone is aware of author-friendly book groups on Facebook. My experience has been that the folks there are receptive and supportive of authors promoting their books.

A few things about group etiquette:

1. Read the About section of the group and follow their rules.

2. Participate in the group. Contribute things and recommend books other than your own.

3. Don't over promote. You'll irritate the crap out of the readers you're hoping will buy your books.

Lecture over. FYI, these are not writer's groups. They are reader oriented groups for individuals interested in books.

Here's a list of some of the Facebook groups that I'm familiar with:

There's an ebook in the room

Authors & Books & Readers

The Book Nest

All About Books

Passion For Books

With Your Coffee

Books I Love to Read

Novelspot Readers

Free Books


Writers and Readers Unite

Books, Books and more Books!!!!

Storytales Gallery

Paranormal Specific:

The Wolf Pack: For Readers who like a good howl
(I loooove these guys!)

Paranormal Playground

Romance Specific:

Romance Novel Junkies

If there are any I've missed, please leave a comment with the url!

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