Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fantastic 4-Star review from Got Romance! Reviews || THE MATING GAME #erotic #romance

The Mating Game received a fantastic 4-star review from Got Romance! Reviews.

This story really spoke to me. My heart ached for Theresa as she tried to do all she could as a mom for her daughter while being taunted by her higher pack members. When Theresa finally decides she's had enough and starts pushing back and challenging some of the other women in the pack, I teared up and cheered her on. While she is fighting for her position in the pack, Theresa and Zach's love story takes off. I loved how unsure they both are of the other's feelings and the chemistry they have is quite flammable. This book doesn't have a lot of explicit sex scenes, it just doesn't need it. The twist at the end is a pleasant surprise. Leave it to Theresa to think outside of the box. 
~Lexi 8/1/14

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