Monday, August 11, 2014

20 things readers will never know about Sawyer Barrett...

This meme is great. I love the idea so I decided to give it a try. It's Monday so it's my day to play on the Snarkology. :-)

I chose Sawyer Barrett from my Loki's Wolves series. He's a minor character in Hunger Moon but a much more prominent one in my upcoming new release, Battle Cry.

  1. Sawyer's first name and appearance were inspired by Josh Holloway's character from Lost.
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    2. The concept for two hunter brothers originally spawned from Supernatural. 
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    3. Sawyer's 7th deadly sin is Wrath.
    4. Sawyer is 25 years old.
    5. Prior to the events in The Child Thief, he's not an active hunter. Instead, he was working on a Master's degree in math at MIT.

    6. Sawyer has awful hay fever so he's not fond of rural settings.

    7. Sawyer almost drowned in the family's pool when he was six.

    8. He dislikes chocolate.
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    9. He's a head before heart kind of guy.

    10. His competitive relationship with his brothers, especially his older brother, is a defining aspect of his personality.

    11. Sawyer's favorite firearm is a shotgun.

    12. His favorite melee weapon is a machete. He's most skilled with knives.

    13. Sawyer is the rebel in the family. As a result, he has a very conflicted relationship with his father, Jake.

    14. His favorite sandwich is ham on rye.

    15. He's most attracted to dark-haired women.

    16. He was on the swim team and track teams in high school.

    17.  Sawyer is left-handed.

    18. His favorite color is blue.

    19. He prefers snow to heat even though he's from Arizona.

    20. He speaks three languages fluently and is familiar with a few others.

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