Saturday, May 4, 2013

Indie Authors for Hurricane Sandy Library Recovery

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Indie Authors for Hurricane Sandy Library Recovery was formed in November 2012 to help damaged public and school libraries in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut by providing them with new books at no charge to them.
Authors from all around the world have already responded to our call and are committed to providing fiction and non-fiction print books as well as digital books (eBooks) to libraries in need. To date more than 170 authors are on standby and already over 1200 print books have been shipped to libraries able to receive them. This effort will take some time as book storage is limited during their re-building process.
The project is spearheaded by author K. S. Brooks of Washington State, an East Coast native, who has coordinated the effort with numerous library destinations. Together with a team of volunteers, including authors, publishers, and other professionals, the project is expanding to reach more destinations in need, and interested authors.
If you are an author who'd like to provide books for schools and libraries, please join our Facebook Group and follow the instructions pinned to the top of the page.
If you are a school or library in need of print copy books, or if you're a member of the media, please feel free to contact us directly at
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K.S. Brooks has been writing for over thirty years. She penned her first book, a swashbuckling action-adventure based in 17th century France, when she was fifteen years old. Since then, despite working for a living in the electronics industry, Ms. Brooks continued to write. In 2001, she left the high-tech arena in Boston for the Eastern Shore of Maryland to pursue her writing.

That same year, her first novel, Lust for Danger, was published. That action- adventure novel won Ms. Brooks Honorable Mention in the Jada Book of the Year Awards, and invitations to speak at the Maryland Writers' Association Writers' Conference, the Bay to Ocean Writers' Conference, and numerous other venues. She has been honored by the Maryland Writers' Association three times by participating as a judge in its annual novel contest.

As the business world and health issues took up more of her energy, Ms. Brooks set her sights on moving West to an environment more suitable and affordable to a writing career. Since her relocation to the wilderness of northeastern Washington State, late in 2008, Ms. Brooks has created and released fourteen titles, the majority through the small independent publisher Cambridge Books. Published genres include suspense, educational children's books, comedy, photography, non-fiction, and action-adventure. She has six more novels planned in the original Agent Night Adventure Series (action-adventure), two in the Agent Night 'Cover Me' series (suspense), a horror novel, and a number of Mr. Pish educational children's books in the works.

In addition to her writing, Ms. Brooks is an award-winning photographer and poet. Her articles, photographs, poetry, and blogs can be found in books, magazines, newspapers, galleries, and web sites worldwide. In December of 2011, Ms. Brooks was recruited to assist in the start-up of Indies Unlimited, a website dedicated to the independent publishing community. She now serves as co- administrator and blog partner to the multi-author, multi-national, and award-winning site.

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