Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cats Lawyer Up: List of Grievances Page 2

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Cats Lawyer Up: We've Been Served 

Cats Lawyer Up: Our Response

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  1. Valid complaints, all. Particularly the mouse snub.

    1. Alison,

      Bah! The cats complain to complain! And, they're prone to exaggeration!


  2. I don't know,Melissa. Seems like some strong complaints here with value. Especially about the mousing...If they have a good lawyer you may well lose! Settle out of court methinks---Meowmix might do it.

  3. lol. I agree with Andrea. Settle.

  4. This is just too cute! At 20 pounds, however, I hardly think Miss Clio is in imminent danger of starvation. I'd have to vote to acquit the Snarks if I were on the jury and this went to trial. I believe Miss Clio's current weight is evidence enough to prove she is well-fed. :-)

  5. You are just too funny, Ms Snark.
    I have two lovely calico, indoor cats and thankfully NO mice in my house.
    I did last month, however, have a mouse that took up residence in my mini van!! Luckily I found out because he ate a leftover bag of movie popcorn. If he had run across my foot while driving,I'm sure things would have ended badly.
    My husband suggested instead of a trap that I lock the two cats in the mini van instead. I figured that would be too tramatic for both myself and the cats, so we caught it with an old fashion cheese trap instead.

  6. Melissa, I'm laughing my ass off, but here's the thing. I have to quit following the kitty litigation. Zoe, my legally blind feline is getting ideas. I'm afraid the next time I rearrange the furniture, Animal Control is going to be banging on my door. What a CAT-tastrophy! :-)

    P.S. As I was dealing with the Captcha, Zoe knocked over my martini. It's a conspiracy! I'm telling you! Loving the posts.

  7. I was gone today (though I made certain Trouble Kitty had plenty of kibble and water before leaving) and since my return I've yet to see her-though half the kibble is gone. She's hiding in rebellion. She got her name for a reason... Just sayin.

  8. Shameful Miss Snark, absolutely shameful. This goes far beyond Animal Control, it looks like it is time for the Feline Fairness Advocacy to step in____......

    I am so sorry about that Melissa, damn cat, I keep telling her not to reply to things in my name! :-(

    1. This explains the events that have occurred lately. I've been suspicious of my two cats lately. They act as if they are fighting. But while one makes the noise that gets my attention, I think the other accessed my computer. On several occasions, I found the browser set on a site that sells catnip laced toys or packages of catnip.
      So far, no catnip has arrived yet. But, the UPS guy apparently dropped off a package last week. I found the remnants of the box tore apart and stuffed under the outdoor steps.
      So, beware. They are crafty creatures. Mine believe they are the higher power in the order of society. I now believe I am their pet instead of the other way around. (Big Grin)

      Dennis H. Clarkston
      AKA Clark Stone