Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Review: Silver Blade by Charlotte Copper


Oscar McAvoy hunts demons. Chosen to rid the world of evil, he nevertheless condemns himself as a murderer. When saved by the beautiful Angela Knight, he judges himself undeserving of love.

Angela Knight is on the way back from her brother’s funeral when she stops to help a fallen motorcycle rider. Her body responds to the handsome stranger, a man whose scars and tough exterior suggest a rough and dangerous life. When she can’t stop thinking about him, Angela must decide if she is willing to give the sexy, mysterious stranger a chance. 

Love chooses us; we do not choose who we will love or who will love us. 


Disclaimer: I got up at 4 a.m. and drank a pot of coffee by myself before writing this review, so it contains exclamation points! (Lots!)


Silver Blade by Charlotte Cooper is a paranormal romance novella set in a world where demons and the hunters who stalk them are real. The story starts off fast and furious with  a heart-stopping car chase and motorcycle accident. The pacing continues at a good clip with exciting action sequences and sizzling sex scenes.

Angela Knight works in a Las Vegas casino by day and rescues injured demon hunters by night. She is smart, feisty and courageous, and also very much rooted in reality. Angela is highly likeable and easy for the reader to identify with, although there was a slight disconnect when she discovers that the things that go bump in the night are real. The heroine handles the paradigm shift with a remarkable aplomb.

She's like: So, wow. Those bodies just vanished into thin air and monsters are real? Cool!
The hero is like: Yeah, totally. Want to have more amazing sex? See me, I'm smoldering!
Everyone else would've been like: WTF! Bring me Valium and a therapist! NOW!

Oscar "Oz" McAvoy really had me at "Fug." Admittedly, I've harbored a not-so-secret adoration for all men named Oz since Seth Green first smirked his way onto the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But there's plenty to love about the hero of Silver Blade. In his own right, he'd big, bold and brash. And he's got swords! (Aside from the one in his pants.)

Angela and Oz share great chemistry and it's a good thing too because they get busy faster than two bunnies at a rabbit orgy. As lovers, they set fires. The sex scenes are almost but not quite explicit enough to be considered erotica. The emotional components for a gripping romance are also present. Their compatibility is immediately obvious.

The author really does a great job with dialogue, plot, pacing and characterization. My only stylistic complaint was a tendency for the POV to switch within scenes without any spacing or other formatting to warn the reader. I realize some editors encourage this now but as a reader, I beg writers to "just say no". Or at the very least, insist upon a line break.

Of course, Silver Blade is a novella so everything happens quickly, but I really wanted to keep reading. When I reached the end, I blinked and performed a thorough search, hoping to find another twenty chapters of adventure. I wanted more! Damn it. Hopefully, Charlotte will write another paranormal romance in the near future.

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  1. Thank you so much Melissa for taking the time & doing the review for Silver Blade!

    1. Charlotte, Thank you. Silver Blade is a fun read.

      Now go get cracking on the sequel! :)

  2. A great review and a great author. Congrats to you, Charlotte! :):)

    1. Thank you Christine. (And good luck with Taurus!)

  3. What a good review. Best of luck, Charlotte!