Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review of "Be Still My Lover's Heart" by Lisa Hannah Wells

Long after earth has ended, Lisa Hannah Wells weaves a tale of romance and adventure among the stars of a distant galaxy. Science fiction has always been my favorite genre, and sci-fi romances continue to remain a rarity, so it was a pleasure to read "Be Still My Lover's Heart". The plot moved along at a good clip, never sacrificing action for romance, or vice versa.

Heroine Shea is a Lieutenant in a government run space military force and has been assigned to duty on a small space station. It is such a refreshing change of pace to encounter a female protagonist who is a member of a military organization. Shea has encountered suffering in her life, including the death of her husband. Worse, she has contracted a fatal sickness called Errolian’s Disease.

Tempest is a long-lived alien, a member of a race who inspired earth's vampire myths. He is strong and artistic, but deeply lonely. He has spent most of his life seeking his bondmate, a spiritual and physical companion who would complete him. Tempest is also no stranger to hardship. As a youth, he witnessed the near extinction of his peace-loving race at the hands of the malevolent Brashlettass.

Wells uses exciting prose to immerse the reader in the story and keeps things moving throughout with fast-paced conflict and sizzling sex scenes. The universe is complex and well thought out.  Chapters are short, which moves things right along, but occasionally, I got hung up on the terminology—there is an entire two page lexicon at the end of the novel. Early on, I wanted to see more tension between the hero and heroine, but both characters are engaging and together they make for an absorbing read.

"Be Still My Lover's Heart" is a wonderful story for fans of both science fiction and romance, and is well worth the reader's investment.

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  1. Thanks so much Melissa! I appreciate your time and energy here and the wonderful review. You're a great Rose! Not to mention a funny lady and I love your posts!

  2. Egads, blogger seems to be eating comments today...

    Take two:
    Lisa, thank you for dropping in to comment and I really did enjoy your book a lot. Do you have any other sci-fi romances in the works? It's a sub-genre that we definitely need more of!