Sunday, October 12, 2014

#Snarkyreads: A Twitter Review of A HIGHLANDER'S OBSESSION chapters 1-9

As an experiment, I'm reviewing A HIGHLANDER'S OBSESSION by Vonnie Davis on Twitter.

<--The cover. Aren't his nipples perky? Oh my.

Disclaimer:  Vonnie Davis didn't request a review, and doesn't have anything to do with this aside from having replied to a couple of my tweets. She's a really classy lady and hasn't told me to shush up or anything. So my thanks to Vonnie and Random House for being so gracious and NOT sending me Cease and Desist letters.

This is entirely my own project. I thought it'd be a fun away to keep track of my thoughts as I'm reading instead of the boring page of scribbled notes I usually keep (and I'm always losing).

I should also mention that I usually read much faster than this. The last couple weeks have been heinous so I'm going at a fraction of my normal speed. I'm hoping to pick up the pace this week.

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