Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pilcrow & Dagger vs. McWhiskers, Softpaws and Fluffybottom

Well, the folks over at Pilcrow & Dagger can't say I didn't warn them not to mess with the Law Offices of McWhiskers, Softpaws and Fluffybottom.

An Open Letter To Our Readers

Dear Readers,
On Monday, October 29, 2014 the Pilcrow & Dagger posted on their blog a cease and desist letter received from McWhiskers, Softpaws and Fluffybottom, attorneys for Miss Clio, Rocket J. Squirrel and Jake “The Snake” Plissken. These are the house cats who share their dwelling with Mr. and Mrs. Melissa Snark. Apparently, the cats have a copyright on their correspondence in their lawsuit with the Snarks and were disturbed by the posting of the letters.
The new “investigative” reporter for the Pilcrow & Dagger News, Snoop Cubby, “uncovered” the historic cat lawsuit and the letters written by the representing attorneys for both sides. One of our readers, Crank Curmudgeon, was quick to point out the letters were dated in 2013 yet Mr. Cubby failed to notice. The cease and desist further demonstrates the lack of investigation that occurred.


  1. if there was an interview here then I missed it. thanks for share.

    1. Cotton,
      The rest of the article is posted on another site. Just follow the link!

  2. Sounds serious! Here's hoping they can avoid a cat-astrophe. *sorry, couldn't resist.:)

    1. Barb,
      These cat lawyers are cat-egorically dangerous! ;-)