Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Chat with The Wolf Pack!

Last night, I threw a post open to members of The Wolf Pack, inviting readers to ask me questions. The result is a Q & A dialogue.  What started out as the product of writer's block evolved into a fun activity. Thanks so much for the ladies who were nice enough to ask me a question. :-)


Reba Rhynland Do you prefer to write fantasy or romance?

Thanks, Reba! Great question, and a tough one. I think Fantasy may edge out Romance, because of the freedom the genre offers.

In romance, the story is constrained by the boundaries of the Happily Ever After-ending. The primary couple must get together by the end of the book, and the story concludes with a fair degree of predictability.  I'm a big, big fan of complex extended plot arcs. The freedom that comes with being able to extend plot and character arcs over multiple books carries immense appeal.

 That said, hot, erotic stories are also immensely satisfying. My romances focus more on the relationship, less on intricate, complicated plots. So I'm able to write romance faster than fantasy.

Lanie Adams Milkshakes or Sundays;) lol

Or should that be sundaes or Sundays? ;-)

Ouch, that's a hard one.  In a Calorie free world, milkshakes. Chocolate milkshakes. However, the real world being one of ever-exanding waistlines, I'm gonna go with Sundays! 

Cassie Wiley What draws you to wolves? Is it the pack mentality? Or maybe the dynamic between the alpha and their mate.

Well, Mr. Snark is a werewolf so it was really the logical choice. ;-)

I was enamored of wolves from a very young age. Possibly starting with reading Julie of the Wolves in grade school. They're also gorgeous animals and top predators. I've always felt drawn to them, and I've done a lot of research in an attempt to be sure I get them right on the page.

Mariann Medina When you give birth to a character, is it a combination of people that you know. Or a meshing of different types of people and characteristics? 

It depends.  Some characters march into my mind fully developed. Others start as an idea. Typically, I start with one of the common archetypes and I work from there on their goals and motivations, phobias and loves. 

None of my characters are directly based on people I know, but a few have quirks of family or friends. For instance, Sylvie Thorton, a Native America woman from my Loki's Wolves series is an avid knitter. Her constant knitting is an inside joke with a friend of mine who is often spotted with knitting needles in her hands at all hours of the day and night.

Jessica Lynne Ranallo Shifters vs. Vampire? 

Shifters. I'm of the school of thought that vampires make great villains. :-)

Cristina Ortiz What kind of shifter is your favorite and why do you pick them over the others?

Miss Clio
Wah! Do I have to choose? Wolves...cats...wolves.... No, cats!  Wolves & cats. I adore both. It may seem contrary but cats are my totem creature. Definitely my pet of choice. I own three of the critters!  And wolves are far and away my favorite to read and write about.

Kathy Lee-Herbst What inspired your latest book? Do you have a particular muse?

Well, my last book inspired my current book (BATTLE CRY). After I completed Hunger Moon, I knew Victoria's story wasn't finished. There was a complicated, messy story behind her lover's death and how the war with the hunters began. It needed to be told and the plot became so laden with Norse mythology, it took me a full two years to get it right. What began as a simple, straightforward plot turned into a Valkyrie caught up in a tug-o-war between Odin and Loki.

The closest thing I've got to a muse is soaking in a warm bubble bath. It's my go-to for relaxation and inspiration.

MJ Compton how do you pick your heroes names?

They're all discarded names that I didn't give to my boys. The hero of my first romance novel manuscript had to be renamed after I gave his name away to my first born. Fortunately, I only had two male children and there were dozens of names I loved, so I've got enough material for a good long time to come. LOL

Gillian Lushey Do you get "writers block " if so what do you do about it?  

I go to Facebook and invite folks to ask me questions!  ;-)

Often, the only time I actually experience writer's block is when my brain hasn't fully processed how a scene should play out. Typically, I take one of two approaches. A) Work on something else. or B) Sit down and start writing. Sooner or later the cork will unstop once the old juices get flowing.

Thanks, everyone! Love ya!

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