Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Snarky Scavenger Hunt!

And the winners of the Snarkology Scavenger Hunt are:
Hunger Moon: Yvonne Daniels
The Mating Game: Jodie Volpert
Congratulations! Reba Rhynland is contacting winners to obtain mailing addys.

It's a snarky scavenger hunt to win a signed copy of Hunger Moon or a signed copy of The Mating Game. Two lucky winners will be selected.

The contest will run from now (Sept 26 – Oct 6). Shipping limited to those living in the United States or U.K. You must be 18 to enter and be eligible for a chance to win.

Winners will be chosen from those submitting all 5 correct answers via the correct email ONLY. Those using any other method will be disqualified. Then they will be numbered and using, winners will be selected.

How do you enter for a chance to win? Easy, Answer the 5 questions at the end of this post.

1)   Go to: - look under My Books. What two books are free? 
2)   What is the name of Melissa’s Blog?  Go to
3)   Go to: On the opening page - What is the name of book 2 in the Loki's Wolves Series?
4)   When is it being released?
5)   Go to: . Who is her cover designer?

Email your answers to:

How will you know who has won? Becky will email the winner and POST the winner in the comment section on this post and in Street Snark; plus Melissa will post it on her blog on Oct 6th.

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