Monday, September 29, 2014

Snark Bites: Filtering words

Learned a valuable lesson this weekend at Convolution during a writer's workshop and a writer's panel presented by Jennifer Carson over at Leaspell WordWright Guild.

This is a combination of those two lesssons. My notes are a mishmash so I'm not going to separate by source.  Filter words are those that lead to telling rather than showing. They do so by:
  • Dictating emotions.
  • Recapping for readers
  • Telling the reader what to think.

The following are examples of filter words:
  • Understood
  • Thought
  • Knew
  • Felt
  • Saw
  • Heard
  • Smelled
  • Told
  • Started to
  • Began to
  • Perceived
  • Recognized
  • Began to 
  • Seemed
What do you think? Am I missing any?

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