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My Love of Myths by Nancy Corrigan || HUNTER BETRAYED #romance @goddessfish @ellorascave

Wild Hunt, Book 1

Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.
Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

My Love of Myths by Nancy Corrigan

I love mythology and folklore. The stories passed verbally from generation to generation range from the fantastical to the cautionary. Before history was written down, beliefs and past events were captured in fabulous tales told in such a way that they were guaranteed to stay with the listener. It was a necessary requirement. The only way the story would live on was through the next rendition of it. And people being individuals with their own personalities and beliefs often tweaked the story to suit whatever they believed. It’s the reason why there are often so many versions of a myth.

 One thing they all contain is a world rich in imagery. It’s that fact that I find the most fascinating and it’s the one I love to embrace when I’m looking for story ideas. My newest series, Wild Hunt, is based off of the Wild Hunt myth.

The wild hunt: Åsgårdsreien (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo
What is it, you might ask? Well, like most myths it has a multitude of interpretations, but they all generally have one aspect in common—the Wild Hunt is a spectral procession of hounds and horsemen riding across the night sky in the pursuit of prey. Some versions differ on what they are searching for, if anything in particular.

The Wild Hunt series embraces aspects of several versions of the myth. In my world, the Huntsmen are protectors of the innocent who round up escaped creatures from Hell. Birthed from the Lord of the Underworld and a human mother, they have ties to both realms. They are as untamed and wicked as the Hunt is often depicted, until they meet their true love, of course. Only a special person can love a demigod who can turn into a beast from Hell. Once they find that special person, they’ll make them the center of their world.

Excerpt:  Rated R

God, she wanted him packed inside her body. The orgasm he’d ripped from her had stoked her desire. The release, though mind-blowing, had only set her needs to simmer. She wanted more, everything he could give her. She craved the thick length of his cock pounding into her core. Her sheath clenched on air, the emptiness reminding her of what she’d turned her back on when she’d fled his prison.

Unable to resist any longer, she skimmed her fingers down the center of her body, starting at her upper chest, between her breasts to her belly button. The slow stroke quickened her breath. Nearly every night, she’d brought herself to orgasm by fantasizing about her ghost man. She had pictured what she’d thought his body looked like, imagined how his kiss would feel and how his voice in her ear as he made love to her would sound. Nothing had prepared her for the man she’d encountered when she’d walked into his cell.
He oozed sexuality. Everything about him appealed to her—his hard body, the harshness of his features and the gravelly growl punctuating his words. His scent, however, sent her up in flames. She’d always loved the smell of a campfire. Calan captured the soothing and tantalizing fragrance and infused it with life.

She conjured his real image. A wash of arousal coated the lips of her sex. The thump to her clit demanded his touch and the quivering of her inner muscles begged for his hard length to convulse around. She slid her fingers to the smooth skin of her sex. A moan escaped with the first caress along the edge of her cleft. The amount of wetness awaiting her shocked her. It shouldn’t have. She’d hovered on the edge of a spontaneous orgasm all night.

Another slow trace of her opening and a whimper fell from her mouth. She squirmed and fought the urge to thrust her fingers into her core. With the way she responded whenever Calan had starred in her fantasies, she knew it wouldn’t take long to careen into ecstasy. She didn’t want to rush into the one-sided bliss. After learning what her phantom lover looked like, she wanted to pretend he was here, touching her.

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Review by Melissa Snark

The idea of a novel based on the Wild Hunt really interested me since I am a fan of Norse mythology. (Though, the book's mythology is actually more Celtic.) The concept of a hero based on the Master of the Wild Hunt is really cool and it's the hook that got me to read the book in the first place. The author has a unique take on demons and dark fey, and deserves kudos for originality.

I found the prologue to be really slow as it is primarily back story relating the hero's origins. However, the plot eventually gains steam and moves along. The writing and editing are solid, and characters are well developed. I liked Harley a great deal. She has great chemistry with the hero. A lot of the internal tension results from the hero's doubts about his relationship with the heroine. There is plenty of external conflict to carry the story forward.

Hunter Betrayed is an excellent choice for fans of paranormal romance who are looking for a unique read rooted in mythology.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on an erotic, emotional and romantic journey.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. When she’s not weaving sizzling fantasies, she works as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

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