Monday, September 8, 2014

Branding Your Series cont'd: Cover Reveal: BATTLE CRY

Yesterday, I talked about branding your series and shared my new cover for Hunger Moon. Many folks have already seen my original cover for Battle Cry...due to release Nov. 2014.

Allow me to say, it hurt giving up this cover. I love the light and heat...the model is pretty!...and I still feel it's a gorgeous paranormal romance cover.


It's not the right cover for Battle Cry, which is told almost 2/3s from the POVs of men, primarily Jake Barrett and his son, Sawyer. Battle Cry has lots and lots of action scenes, loads of conflict, and a love story. However, the love story is only a small part of the plot.

In Battle Cry, the Norse gods come out to play and Ragnarok starts to heat up.

Here you can see the before and after again.




Survival demands sacrifices; healing requires forgiveness.

Men revere him, monsters fear him. The notorious Hunter King, Jake Barrett, values loyalty to family and followers above all else. When the daughter of his closest ally murders Daniel, his oldest son, it sets off a chain reaction of violence and destruction, claiming the lives of both wolves and hunters. Determined to avenge his son, Jake seeks the truth at any cost.

After losing her lover and then her mate, Victoria Storm just wants to get on with building a new life in Sierra Pines, California. But a vengeful Jake Barrett and his organization aren't going to make that easy, especially with the unwelcome attraction between her and the Hunter King's second son. Perils beyond the mortal coil plague Victoria. 

When the Norse Fates predict Victoria will destroy the world, her duties as a priestess of Freya come into conflict with her responsibilities as a Valkyrie of Odin. When they tell her she will do it to save her unborn child, she's not so sure they are wrong.

Sawyer Barrett has been trying to kill Victoria for so long, he doesn't know whether he loves her or hates her. Desperate to end the war he started, he's willing to take chances with everything–except his heart. The hunter harbors a deadly secret he can't reveal without risking the ceasefire and his life. 

At Sawyer's urging, Victoria agrees to peace talks with Jake. All the while, an ancient vampire plots the destruction of wolves and hunters alike. If the embittered rivalry between hunters and wolves doesn't end and fast, there is no hope for Victoria's pack ... nor for their world.


  1. I LOVE the new cover. The old one was really nice, but very much a "typical" romance cover. The new one fits the book and the genre so much better. Looking forward to reading this next book!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. As silly as it is, it's great to receive a little positive feedback. It was a tough decision. :-)