Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Kind of Hero: What you're really thinking... by Melissa Snark #humor #amwriting

Thank you so much to everyone who's participated in My Kind of Hero. The posts so far have been amazing--thoughtful, moving, and evocative. Reading them, I'm laughing, sighing, and tearing up. My guests have talked about the qualities they admire most in a hero and Sydney Jane Baily shared a truly moving recollection of her father with us.

I must admit, I feel a bit guilty but I cannot tell a lie. When checking out a hunky hero, my mind goes straight to the gutter.  While my fellow (far more noble) romance authors are evaluating his intelligence, courage, and compassion, I'm really checking out his ass.
 No, not that ass! The other one!

The first thing I ask is that age old question...

Does he wear boxers or briefs?

I want to know whether his boys are cradled in snug black briefs or luxuriate in the freedom of a roomy pair of shorts. It's an important question, and the answer says a lot about a man's character. Of course, there's always the possibility that the hero know...


Not to mention our eternal obsession with Highlander Hunks.  Exactly what DOES he wear beneath his kilt?
Oh My!

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  1. Cracking up - love this post! Thanks for putting heroes back into perspective for me - it's the package not the gift wrap! Wait, I may have gotten that backward -

    1. Ashantay,
      The gift wrap is important but so is the present! ;-) Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  2. I love donkeys! Oh, wait. Is that not the kind of a** you were talking about?

    1. Julia, Ah, but of course that's the beastie I was talking about. LOL

  3. See, I think the best part of a hero is his humor. You've nailed it here.

    1. Gemma,
      It's important that a guy can laugh at himself and handle being laughed at with grace. Thank you!