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My Kind of Hero: My Heroes are Dogs by Amber Polo #dogfiction #giveaway #romance

 Some readers love bad boy heroes. Some prefer good boys. My heroes are dogs. And I mean that in a really good way.

I’ve read wonderful books where tortured werewolf heroes draw you in with their angst. My dog-shifter heroes have all the wonderful qualities of your favorite puppy. They’re cute, loyal, and protective, and fall in love at first sight. And very smart. They’re librarians dedicated to preserve knowledge and vanquish book-burning werewolves.

In “Released” my heroine finds a beautiful dog in an abandoned library. They become friends. Then the dog talks. And then the dog turns into a gorgeous, smart guy with a charming English accent. Who wouldn’t fall for him?

In “Retrieved” a hero with male cover model looks changes into a huge English Mastiff who happens to be a brilliant astro-archaeologist. Why not brains and brawn?

Book 3 “Recovered” follows a part werewolf, (a villain in Book 1) as he shepherds his Greyhound love across country to find a buried ancient library and gains his self-respect and a place in the dog-shifter world. Don’t you love a redeemed bad boy rescued by a sweet heroine? 

When readers read “Released” the first book in the Shapeshifters Library series, their favorite character besides the Old English Sheepdog hero and the librarian heroine, was Pacifico Lopez, a feisty Chihuahua shifter. He created the Zoogle internet conglomerate and earned money to keep the dog shifters in premium dog food and reference books. He was smart and in “Retrieved” Pacifico started a library services company with the smartest RFID codes ever.

At last it was time for the smallest and smartest to have his own book. And his own romance. So, Book 4 “Reprinted” (due late October) brings to the front the smallest hero. A Chihuahua with the more intelligence and daring as he courts a lovely white werewolf who defies her family to help him track down ebook pirates in the Caribbean and uncover a lost Egyptian secret. 

I’ll be giving away a print copy of Book 1 “Released” plus some doggy treats for your favorite hero or heroine to a random Snarkology commenter. Tell me about your dog hero.

Title: Reprinted (The Shapeshifters’ Library, Book 4)

Publisher: Blue Merle Publishing

Date Published: Due October, 2014

Genre: Canine cozy fantasy romance

Word Count: 63,000

Chihuahua-shifter CEO Pacifico Lopez and werewolf book editor Landy Romero track down ebook pirates with on a Caribbean island and find an ancient Egyptian secret. 

Pacifico Lopez stared at the elevator door. Just the smell of this werewolf office tower made him want to bare his teeth. For months he’d applied his software conglomerate’s resources to track down an international book piracy operation. At last he had proof the werewolf’s World Wide Publishing, WWP, was stealing ebooks by the millions and giving them away free from an unknown location.
Pacifico pulled himself as tall as his five foot two height allowed. His black Fedora and shoulder pads added height and bulk and he’d need every centimeter to face Dominika Romano.. Tall with terrible fierce beauty, the Romano women were alpha from their Mediterranean noses to the tip of their plumed tails.
With a whoosh the door parted. He stepped onto the black 99th floor marble lobby. The gold letters WWP floated over the receptionist’s head next to a swirly abstract logo that looked like a wolf swallowing a penguin. Pacifico removed his hat, grasped his briefcase tighter, and marched toward the desk with all the confidence of a CEO of the world’s dominant software company. Known to prefer to do business electronically, the financial press called him the most brilliant recluse since Howard Hughes.
Ready to do battle, he would expose damned Dominika if she didn’t shut down the scam ruining the book world. Werewolves only entered publishing to dominate and intimidate other publishers and demoralize librarians and dog-shifters dedicated to disseminating knowledge. The woman behind the desk looked up and opened her mouth.
The hall ended at a huge double door labeled D. Romano, Publisher. Pacifico didn’t slow but pushed open the door and stepped inside primed to demand Dominika end all illegal operations immediately or he’d point all Zoogle’s resources into shutting down WWP, ruining her personally, and if necessary revealing them all as werewolves. That last would, of course, be the last resort, for exposing werewolves would also expose the worldwide community of dog-shifters whose librarians kept safe the world’s knowledge and literature.
As the door closed behind him his brow wrinkled and he blinked. Instead of the terrifying werewolf he’d expected, a petit young woman peered at him over reading glasses. The woman stood, her delicate body draped in a black dress, a white cardigan pulled over her shoulders.

Author Bio:
A love of books drew Amber Polo into a career as a librarian. A greater love turned her into a writer. Best known for her Shapeshifters' Library series, an urban fantasy filled with books, librarians, and dogs.

Her Arizona romance novels include Heads in the Clouds and Hearts in the Vortex. And for a little cheer, check out Christmas on Wherever Island, a paranormal novella with a magic Santa to make your holidays a little more fun. After living in seven states, she happily calls a small town in Arizona home.

Author Links:
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  1. Your series sounds like all kinds of fun. Best wishes for success!

  2. Thanks Ashantay (love your name) and thanks Melissa for asking me to visit. Everyone's heroes are awesome.

  3. Hi Amber,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and insights with us today. And thank you also for taking part in My Kind of Hero. :-)

  4. Ashantay, Congratulations! You won a copy of Released, the first book in the Shapeshifters' Library series. Send me your mail address and I'll send you your copy and a few treats for your favorite dog.