Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review: WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, Book 1 in the Rock Star Series, by Sandy Wolters

 Her marriage a disaster, Lilly closes the door to her personal life.  Can meeting Bruce open a door to a new life or will her fear shut her off from love?

All Lilly has ever wanted to do is sing, but being an internationally famous superstar has turned her life into a living nightmare. Closing the door on her destructive marriage, she runs to her best friend's rural home in northern Arizona, hoping to stay out of the public's eye and sort out her life.

Bruce Silk, a Flagstaff police officer, doesn't approve of his brother's rakish rock star lifestyle but still keeps an eye on his remote home when he's out on tour. More than once he's had to arrest groupies who invaded the property to steal some small memento from the famous Clay Silk. So why does he feel sucker-punched when he slaps the cuffs on this latest trespasser?

When One Door Closes is the first book in the “Rock Star Series.”  Another Door Opens, the second book, will be released in mid-2014.  Both books are stand-alone novels.  

Review by Melissa Snark:
WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES is the first book I've read by Sandy Wolters. The cover really captured my attention because it's pretty and unique. Likewise, I loved the concept. I can't think rock star romance without recalling a cheesy 80s movie called "Hard to "Hold" from back in the day when I thought Rick Springfield was dreamy.  (Hey, I was 14. :D) Yeah, I'm showing my age but I musta watched that dumb flick a dozen times on VHS.

The story is only 139 pages so the romance develops fast. I usually prefer more time be allocated to relationship development but I'm willing to make exceptions so long as the prose is well written and the editing is solid. I liked both the hero and heroine and felt they shared great chemistry. Perspective changes happened more often than I like, especially since I prefer to stay in one POV for an entire scene.

 Bruce is a perfect hero–a tough, cynical cop with a soft side for teary women and big goofy dogs. I loved his pet, , Barney Fife, a Neapolitan Mastiff.  (Although, honestly, Don Knotts really didn't have those jowls).  Lilly, the heroine, seems almost too nice to be "for real", especially since she's a famous singer. She's very sweet and down to earth, and I liked her a lot.  Love scenes hover somewhere in the sensual range with more emphasis placed on emotion than the physical act.

Secondary characters are all three-dimensional and interesting.  In particular,  I loved Martha. Her antics made me laugh and she brings a great element of humor to the story. 

"Well, I never!" Martha screeched as her handbag made contact with
Officer Paul Durkin's face. She pushed his assault rifle out of the way and
jabbed her finger as hard as she could into his chest. "I changed your diapers,
young man! How dare you point that nasty thing at me!"

WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES is #1 in the Rock Star Series, so presumably another book is on the way. I'm looking forward to reading the author's next story. Two thumbs up.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Author Bio:
Sandy Wolters is a prolific writer with four other novels to date. Her last novel, Soul Mates, won first place in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer Choice Awards for Paranormal Romance-Novella.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and review When One Door Closes! Much appreciated! Off to share. :o)

    1. Sandy,
      You're welcome. It was a fun read. I enjoyed it a lot. :)

  2. Bruce Silk really loves this review.