Monday, June 9, 2014

State of the Snarkology: Writing Goals 2014

Back on January 5th, I wrote up a set of writing goals for 2014. Now that it's June, I find myself wanting to revisit my list to see how I'm doing. I'm curious whether I'm on track or not to achieving any of them.

Original goal in blue. 
Commentary in red.

1.   See THE MATING GAME published and promoted. (This one is a gimme since all the real work is done. My Wild Rose editor says we're ready to wrap up editing soon.)
I'm gonna call this one accomplished. Paperback THE MATING GAME is available on Amazon and at The Wild Rose Press site. Ebook release date is June 20th. Check.

2.   BATTLE CRY, book 3 in my Loki's Wolves series, is complete. The next step is to polish, obtain feedback from beta readers, polish again, editing, editing, and more editing. Publish and promote. 

I'm almost done with the second draft of BATTLE CRY. Everything is going smoothly. I believe most of the plot holes are hammered out this time and I may be ready for professional editing soon. Projected release date is September 2014.

3.   Write and submit three short erotica stories to become part of THE MATING GAME series.

I've revised this goal slightly. I still want to write and submit three erotica short stories but I'm going to aim to finish just one for the series by the end of the calendar year. I've decided to write a couple for erotic anthologies for reasoning that has to do with how Amazon's recommendation engine works. I think it would broaden my reach in the software algorithms. So my new goal is to write and submit to at least two erotic anthologies this year. 

These two appeal to me:
4.  Complete the first draft of TRICKSTER, book 4 of my Loki's Wolves series.

On hold until BATTLE CRY is complete.

5.  Finish HELL ON HIGH HEELS and submit to an agent.

On hold until BATTLE CRY is complete.

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