Monday, June 9, 2014

THE MATING GAME available in paperback

I found out today that THE MATING GAME is available on Amazon as a paperback in advance of the June 20th release date. I'm still waiting on my shipment from my publisher so I hope this means I'll have it in my hot little hands any day now!

Two males…two friends…a competition for the right to claim The Heart of the Iron Stone Pack. An alpha female at her core, Theresa Sanchez struggles to protect her young daughter, but rivalries and politics create volatility in the pack. As Theresa comes into heat, lust and need rule her body. Her pack demands only the most virile male have her. How can she choose only one mate when her body craves two—the virile beta and the man she loves? Zachary Hunter will do anything to take Theresa as his mate, even if it means killing his best friend. However, Robert Blane is just as determined to ascend to Alpha. Both their beasts howl to mark her flesh, but only one can survive to claim her. But with enemies circling, they must fight…for the pack, for Theresa, and for a future together.

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