Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Through February and early March, the Snarkology is hosting a blog series about every author's true love--their pets.

 Please drop by to hear the stories of our furry, feathery and fishy companions!

The guest schedule:

Feb. 8 Donna June Cooper
Feb. 9 Lindsey R. Loucks
Feb. 13 Dorothy Bell 
Feb. 14 Caroline Clemmons
Feb. 15 Babette James
Feb. 16 Mona Karel
Feb. 17 Renee Charles
Feb. 22 Neil Plakcy 
Feb. 23 Katya Armock
Feb. 25 Amber Polo
Feb. 26 Killarney Sheffield
Feb. 28 Andrea R. Cooper
March 1 Victoria Roder
March 2 Allison Knight
March 6 Kristy Tate
March 7 Shelley Munro
March 8 Kelley Heckart
March 10 Melissa Snark

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