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Mackenzie Crowne's THAT DATING THING || #Excerpt

The daughter of Wall Street's most notorious stock swindler, dog trainer Rylee Pierce has perfected the art of flying beneath society's radar. Prosecutor Cooper Reed is a threat to her carefully hidden truths, but how is a woman supposed to resist a man capable of handling a psychotic Great Dane while charming her out of her panties before she has the chance to blink?

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Hi Mac! Welcome back to the Snarkology! Please tell us a few things about yourself...

How long have you been writing?

It seems I’ve been writing forever. I recall penning my first short story at the age of ten, but don’t ask me where those pages are now. That was a looooong time ago and I’m organizationally challenged. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my cellphone. 

What inspired your current book?

Bernie Madoff. Yeah, I know, I’m weird, but really, can you believe the balls it must take to screw so many people out of so much money? The man is clearly a narcissist, and while I don’t understand that type of person, they fascinate me. Think of all the dictators who have done so much damage in the world. What must it be like to truly believe you have the right to run the lives of millions of others, by force if necessary? I can’t fathom an answer to that, but the question got me thinking. What would it be like to be the innocent child of someone like that? Rylee Pierce, the heroine of That Dating Thing, was my answer.   

Name one person, living or dead, you'd most like to meet.

I’m tempted to say Jesus, because how cool would that be? I could ask him how Dad is doing in heaven and demand an explanation of why mosquitos are necessary. Then again, I’d probably be too tongue tied to speak so, I think one of the founding fathers would be a better idea. Raised in Boston, I grew up fascinated by the concept of those early patriots risking all to embrace basic human freedoms and stand up against tyranny. Did they realize the legacy their bravery would leave behind? Did they understand the preciousness of the freedom they won for so many? I’d love to hear what they think of America today.      

Has anyone in particular been an influence on your writing?

What a hard question. So many have influenced my writing. My dad, who encouraged me to do what I love to do. Teachers, who instructed on craft. Friends, who honestly enjoyed the fruits of my labor and pushed me to do more. Critique partners, other authors who shared their knowledge freely and cheered me on, and several wonderful editors who held my hand — or slapped it when needed, and helped me polish my stories until they were ready and shining.

Who is the sexiest man/woman alive and why?

I assume you’re looking for someone other than my DH, but I wouldn’t have survived living with my Serge for so many years if he wasn’t sexy on so many levels of life. Ahem. So, who else do I find sexy? I tend to be attracted to men, or characters, who aren’t completely perfect, probably because that type rings most true to me. I personally haven’t ever met a perfect guy (sorry Serge) and God knows I’m not perfect. My ideal for who is physically sexy is subjective and changes with time, but right now my choice would be Timothy Oliphant. Why? Because he’s a tall drink of water with a sexy swagger and a smile designed to melt a woman’s bones. And he makes me sweat. *Geez. Fanning self.* 

Quick quiz:
·         Favorite food? Lobster
·         Favorite color? Green
·         Favorite animal? Cat
·         Biggest pet peeve? People who crack their knuckles (gives me the willies)
·         Dream car? A Jaguar F-Type (But I do love my Jeep Wrangler)


“People rarely come out of this kind of thing on friendly terms.”
“This kind of thing?” He continued to advance.
“We’re connected through Sil and Elliott. I don’t want to see them caught in the middle when this…dating thing, or whatever it is you’re after, ends.”
“This dating thing?”
“Or whatever it is you’re after,” she repeated. As he closed the distance, she stepped back and bumped up against the shark cage. She slapped her spread fingers against his chest to prevent him from coming any closer. “I’m not in the market for a relationship right now.”
“Then we don’t have a problem, because neither am I.” He brushed a fingertip over the perfect skin of her cheekbone. “So, here’s what I suggest.”
Her eyelids fluttered, pupils dilating, and reluctant temptation replaced the wariness in her dark orbs. Still, she kept a defensive hand on his chest.
“If you insist on negotiating when I’ve already explained my concerns,” she said, holding his gaze, “I’d rather you didn’t touch me.”
He checked the urge to kiss her at the artless admission of finding his touch disturbing. Instead, he moved his hand to the cage beside her head. He wrapped his fingers around the metal bar and dipped his head, bringing his face closer to hers. She blinked but held her ground, boldly meeting his gaze.
“I propose we get to know one another,” he pressed. “A few dinners. Maybe a show, or a ball game or two if you like. We find out what makes each other tick.”
“Hmmm.” Her mouth moved into a smirk. “Five seconds ago you were talking a meal. Now it’s a few dinners and a ball game or two. At this rate we’ll be jetting off to Vegas by the end of the week.”
She didn’t try to stop him when he took the final step that brought their bodies within inches of each other. “Has anyone ever accused you of being a wiseass?”
Head cocked as though considering the question, her mouth quivered on a smile. “Nope.”
“How about a liar?”
She lost the battle with the smile and her low laugh sent a lash of desire whipping across his midsection. He did what he’d wanted to do since arriving at his father’s condo days ago. Leaning in, he took...


I’m a wife, mother and really young grandmother. Together with my high school sweet heart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian and a blind cat, I call Arizona home because the southwest feeds my soul. My love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened my resolve to see my stories shared with others. Today, I’m a six-year survivor, living the dream. Raised on the concept that a stranger is just one conversation away from being a friend, I love meeting new people. 

My friends call me Mac. I hope you will too.

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  1. Love your perfect man and who to meet answers, Mac! Now to find time to read!

  2. \hi Mac and Missie. Gredt interview - I love your answers to those questions, Mac. and your book sounds so intriguing, what an interesting premise!

  3. Such an enjoyable interview. And I like that hero's name--Cooper Reed. Can't wait to download the whole thing.

  4. Love it! Sounds like such a fun book!!! Just bought it on Amazon.

  5. Hi Mac, I think it's kind of cool that your story was inspired by Madoff. I imagine you created a really great back story for Rylee based on the whole story behind the stock schemes. Because regardless of what a jerk her dad might be, he's still her dad. Great interview and excerpt. And then I read your bio and my admiration for you soared. Congratulations on everything.

  6. Hi Mac,
    Thanks so much for visiting with me today. Good luck with your new release and your promotion!