Saturday, November 9, 2013

Linda Joyce's Fleur de Lis Series || BAYOU BORN || BAYOU BOUND

Award-winning author Linda Joyce has deep southern roots intertwined with her Japanese heritage. Her Fleur de Lis series captures her love of southern culture and it is the backdrop for the series. She is thrilled to reveal the cover of book two in the series, Bayou Bound. The release date will be coming very soon.

A little more about Linda. She served as Vice President of Whispering Prairie Press and the Creative Director of the Kansas City Voices literary magazine in 2010. Linda presented workshops at the Writer’s Academy at West Texas A&M University, the Whispering Prairie Press Conference and RWA Nationals. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Don, and their three four-legged boys, General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack and Masterpiece Renoir. She invites you to visit with her at and

While you’re waiting for Bayou Bound, you can pick up Bayou Born at:


  1. Melissa,

    Thank you for the cover reveal for Bayou Bound. I, too, have a degree in Business, only from a college on the opposite side of the US. I graduated from the University of Florida. I had several different jobs before college: hairdresser, restaurant owner, bookkeeper. After college, I spent my time in Corporate America working in Insurance Litigation. While that may not seem very creative, legal strategy can be mental gymnastics, much like working on a story plot. :-)


    Linda Joyce

    1. Linda,
      I'm happy to have you here today. They're both lovely covers. Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

      I worked in insurance in auto liability. Of all the jobs I ever did, it was by far the one with the biggest drain on mental resources.

  2. Congrats on book 2, Linda! I have Bayou Born Kindle-ized (heh), and Bayou Bound is now added to my tb (to buy) list! :P