Friday, June 28, 2013

Valid Thoughts From Validation Publishing...

VALIDATION PUBLISHING is having a contest and you, and yes, we do mean YOU, can be the WINNER.
To Enter:
Spend countless months, perhaps years, submitting short stories to obscure genre or literary magazines, with your only reward being a copy of said magazine.
    Once five or six of the hundreds of stories you've sent out finally becomes accepted, then you're ready for the next step.
    To proceed, simply send out numberless query letters to innumerable agents and wait long months, sometimes even years for them to get back to you, and hey, don't forget to make sure that those queries are to each agent's exacting specifications, after all, they have their standards.


   That's all you have to do to enter, and once you've won, once we have reached down into the gutter of mediocrity and plucked you out of the muck, you'll be an honest to God author.
    Just think, it's that easy!
   So enter today, and maybe someday you'll join the elite ranks of  VALIDATION authors and be able to say -I'VE BEEN PLUCKED!

*Contest void where prohibited. Such as to persons with an IQ over 60, anyone not living in the past, self-starters, and person or persons who intend to someday make a decent living.

Validation Publishing is a subsidiary of MegalomaniaCorp Inc.


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