Friday, June 7, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Child Thief

Based on some feedback from readers, I've asked Farah Evers to revamp my cover for The Child Thief. She's come up with a really powerful revision, which I hope ties the novella more strongly into the series concept for Hunger Moon.

In other news, I'd intended to post page 2 of Snark response to cat grievances today. However, there's been sabotage to Mr. Snark's computer, which controls the scanner, so page two will be delayed until next week. At this time, the identity of the saboteur is unknown (but we have our suspicions).

And in other news:
  • My latest erotic paranormal title, The Mating Game, has been submitted to my publisher for consideration.
  • I've currently got three WiPs. Hell on High Heels is my sequel to Learning to Fly, currently at about 60K. It is the closest to completion. As summer progresses, you'll probably see me talking about my in works titles more.
  • Finally, I'm working on getting out a paperback version of Hunger Moon.


  1. I like the cover for Hunger Moon better, but I like them both a lot. The font keeps it tied together, the 'feel' of it is the same. It's a great cover!

    1. Michy, I love that particular font. Hopefully, the blonde woman with a sword helps tie them together too! :)