Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review: PARIS ROSE by Dawn Douglas

When Lucy Rawlinson moves into the fixer-upper next door to her ex-husband, Nick, she has more than renovations on her mind. Desperate to win back his love, she begins a campaign to reignite the passion they once shared.

Nick is haunted by the same bitter-sweet memories of their marriage and the baby they lost, but he is determined to never forgive his ex-wife's infidelity. All Nick wants to do is move on and forget, a task that now seems beyond impossible with Lucy and her noisy little dog living right next door.

Is there a way back? Can Lucy convince Nick that everything they once had is worth fighting for?

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Drive-by Review by Melissa Snark 

I downloaded PARIS ROSE to read during a free day from Amazon. For only 52 pages, the author managed to create a hero and heroine bursting with personality. The emotional plot line is a real tear-jerked and more than once I found myself choking up. At one point, I think there was some moisture in the corner of my eye (I never cry). The writing is skilled and the editing equally so. The conflict is entirely internal, making this truly a story about true love, second chances, and the difficulty of finding forgiveness once trust has been breached.

But Dawn Douglas created such a wonderfully empathetic experience that I was turmoil with Lucy and Nick right up until the final page.  My only comment is that there were moments when I felt secondary characters weren't as fully developed as the hero and heroine, but it was more a product of the limited word count. I'm definitely looking forward to more stories by this author.

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