Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Alkano Letters #FREE Coupon Code for Smashwords

THE ALKANO LETTERS is the debut novel in the action/adventure Erin and Craig series. Archaeologist Erin Mathews and ex CIA Agent Craig Johnson team up for these exciting and intriguing tales. On the tiny Greek island of Alkano, they discover ancient letters whose content could undermine the very foundations of Christianity. An ancient religious sect knows the esoteric message hidden in the letters and is sworn to protect it at any cost. Trouble begins almost immediately with a series of mishaps followed by deadly threats. A desperate chase through the back streets of Jerusalem leads to Erin's abduction. What began as a straightforward dig has become a dangerous and complicated mission. They must solve the two-thousand year old mystery, before it's too late. But time is quickly running out...

The author, Ken Teicher, has made THE ALKANO LETTERS free through September 28th on Smashwords. 

Coupon code: DF34W

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